What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Minimalism [Minimalism Series]

What I wish I knew before I became a minimalist.

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29 Replies to “What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Minimalism [Minimalism Series]”

  1. You’re not seeing this for no reason. We’re all sinners, and are destined for eternal damnation, and we’ve all chosen wickedness over righteousness and are (or were) addicted to sin.
    But, because God loved us so much and wants us to be reunited with him again, he became flesh (sent Jesus) to suffer and be beaten and tormented and spat on and hated… just for us to say , eh. No! He died for our sins to be forgiven and our debts to be payed, even when they mocked him he told God to forgive them.. he was humble, tender, intelligent and meek. 3 days after he died, he rose again!! Death could not defeat him. He did that for us! We need to turn to him, there’s not a lot of time.. just seek God! Please please just do it… I’m spreading the truth! Despite what the world says about God you all must know the truth!! Satan is running this world and wants to blind you.. please, open your eyes and see, Satan will come to an end.. and he will be destroyed, with all wickedness.. Repent and believe the gospel to be saved from being destroyed with him! God bless all of you, God loves you so so much… NOTHING compares to his love, I promise he will be there. We go through hardships because he’s refining us into being the children of God he wants us to be! Turn away your sin and believe the gospel! I love you whoever sees this 💕💕

  2. May 11, 2020 be well be safe This is my second go-round with your videos (last a year ago). Day 5 video 5. I bought your LESS book maybe a year ago and still have it in hard-copy! Today (to let you know progress.. I don't know how to do hashtags to "keep in touch".. discarded huge a pile of old receipts kept for no reason at all! cooked for prep, your carrot lentil (healthy meals for a week). and your easy low carb meal prep fritatta with carrots

  3. I always look at the tag when buying clothes because I need to know what material it's made of.

  4. Wow, found you on YouTube…. after i read marie kondoo book ithink youre an old woman…but young
    sooo beautiful… thanks, easy to understand book..

  5. This is my 3rd day with you. Looking forward to tidying up my LIFE as well as our apartment! (interesting concept, like for our writing experiences… to "do a Minimalist" with our longwinded writings by editing well congrats on your book!

  6. Her extreme good-looks and body is a distraction for me – I am a straight girl by the way.

  7. Hello, I’d love to know what Mac stand and iPad stand you’re using, they’re so nice!

  8. ummm, after watching the vid all the way, this is more of an aesthetic philosophy than a minimalist philosophy. No troll , if it works for you keep doing it.

  9. Love the minimalist series <3 As a Dutch minimalist I can still use more inspiration <3

  10. Where can I get the infuser you used at 1:03? Also, thank you for the videos, they are inspiring!

  11. Definitely not minimalistic on tattoos. Have you thought about decluttering your tattoos? 🤔

  12. I know a minimalist who doesn't see her mom anymore because she said her mom is a hoarder. I know her mom and her house is airy and organized but she is not as a minimalist as her. This is sad because I met some minimalists and I realized they are judgemental, superficial and materialistic judging people based on how much stuff they have. God said, when I bless you, your barn will overflow. Maybe some minimalists are jealous of some people who are super blessed that's why they put them down and calling them hoarders. There's a big difference between hoarders and collectors. Hoarders do not clean their house accumulating pests and trash while collectors accumulate nice things that they can sell or still be used by others. Some, not all, minimalists should realize that relationships are more important than how much stuff you have. Life is not all about stuff.

  13. I adopted a (more) minimalist mindset almost overnight. For years I had been messy, not quite a hoarder but certainly holding onto far more crap than I needed. I just woke up one day and felt that I couldn't deal with all the clutter in my life, and cleared out 4-5 car loads worth of junk in the space of a week. Since then I have regularly de-cluttered and have a loose "in out" policy, ie if I've accumulated some more stuff after a while that is useful to me I intentionally look to get rid of/give away old stuff I've not used. I don't know what caused the change but I far prefer living a less cluttered life. Denzel Washington said in a motivational speech that when you die you'll never see a U-haul behind a hearse. An eye opening and very true statement.

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