What If I Told You There Was A PART 4?

Just trying to clarify some stuff in this video since there was so much negativity in the comment section of the last video, or for people who didn’t want to watch a 40 minute long video (understandable) to find out what happened.
Just incase you want to catch up on all the MADNESS.
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22 Replies to “What If I Told You There Was A PART 4?”

  1. Love you. 💗 I’m sorry so much stress came from this. You deserve better. You are a decent human being.

  2. Really glad it's settled.. I would of been hurt.. and a tiny bit concerned lol but I also don't like confrontation so I get why you handled it the way you did.. but they could of at least tried.. mold, bugs and that's not safe for you, dogman or your home..

  3. It's OK to be a decent person and it kills me how much she has to explain herself to people. She really seems like a good person and it seems like she spends so much time explaining why she is doing something to these people who are saying just mean stuff to her. I really am glad that there are decent people who follow her but it makes me super upset that people are soooo shitty to her due to her just being a good person. It's also OKAY that she didn't want to be like tied to that person and if forgiving them was what she needed for HER then who the hell are we to be judgey

  4. Watching this in 2020, I had to go back and find out the whole story. You’re a genuine kind person, love your❤️

  5. I feel your allergy pain I get the whole thing ear aches ears popping sore throat infected throat. Take Claritin-D 12 hour!! It will work if that is too strong take Advil Cold and sinus

  6. It’s your situation, you handled it the way you were comfortable with, and you don’t have to justify yourself! I love your videos!!!

  7. The big problem that you didn’t consider is the issue with deliberately targeting you tubers. That’s a freaking scary way to harm someone with intent if they gamble correctly and you really need to report for that reason. They could send things to hurt you or damage your home.
    It just really really seemed like someone was low key stalking you and the whole $25/month thing brings up so many red flags because it sounds like they want a connection to you for as long as possible.

  8. I love this story. I’m glad u got it all worked out. I don’t agree with the lame people who watched your videos and complains about how much you talk. Talk it up girl. Your real fans will listen. 😝

  9. If you were targeted and you got the money back I could only imagine what would have happened. Better safe than sorry I think you did the safe choice

  10. Girl, you do and say what you have to say, don't listen to them, and please continued, I'm glad for you getting the help you got.

  11. holy crap only $25 a month that's Insanity you would have to deal with this person for years I'm glad you did not I love you forever bunny no matter what you do xo

  12. that is good news, that ebay stepped in….now it is between the seller and them….ebay don't want a bad rep for it and they do run a good proper site.

  13. The spiciness in your comment section you’re referring to is unequivocally the new viewers brought here by Shane. Welcome to the sriracha side, Bunny.

  14. so my english is not so good but I try my best I really like your videos but most of the time you just talk to much so I'm not interested in the video anymore because it's like I see the title or the thumbnail of one of you videos and think cool that could be interesting and I watch it then after 10 minutes talk about random stuff you talk about the things that I want to hear/reason why I clicked on the video and then after a few minutes you again talk about random things actually this would not be a problem if it weren't more as the half of the video of repeating itself and random talks for example I watched the 950$ dirt and really wanted to know more about what happened next because i felt really sorry for you but to actually get all the important information was really tiring after the long text that I just wrote I feel really bad to be so negative because most of the times I really like your videos because you are a cool funny and beautiful person with interesting videos and a unique personality and at last I hope this scammer gets the punishment he deserves lots of love Moni

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