What If Mountains Continued to Grow All the Time

Being the tallest mountain on the surface of our planet, Mount Everest’s peak reaches a dizzying height of 29,030 ft. But the most amazing thing about this giant is that it’s still growing! It gets one-tenth of an inch taller every year! But what if all mountains on Earth never stopped growing?

First of all, it would make flying impossible. Sailing, as well, would become too dangerous. Mountaineers wouldn’t be able to conquer mountain peaks anymore. The mass of all other mountains on Earth would be getting bigger and bigger as well. Let’s find out if this scenario is possible in real life.

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Flying would be dangerous 0:44
Sailing would be risky 1:47
Mountaineers would be in distress 2:35
The planet’s gravity would increase 3:04
How mountains form 4:41
Mountains on Mars 6:08
Why mountains don’t keep growing on Earth 7:00

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-In a week, helicopters would stop flying in particularly mountainous regions. When, in about a month, mountains reach the height of 40,000 ft, people realize that traveling somewhere far away isn’t as easy as it used to be – flying would become too risky.
-There are more than 100,000 seamounts in the world, with about 30,000 of them in the Pacific Ocean. That’s why container and cruise ships would rest in ports until people try to figure out safe routes that won’t end up in any shipwreck.
-People would start to feel altitude sickness already at the height of 8,000 ft. Climbing any higher than Everest? Unlikely.
-The mass of all other mountains on Earth would be getting bigger and bigger as well! And the more substantial the mass of something becomes, the stronger the gravity of this object gets.
-From time to time, tectonic plates collide, and the plates’ touching edges get pushed upward forming new mountains. There are also volcanic mountains – molten rock starts to pile up, and eventually, a mountain is formed.
-The crust of the Red Planet isn’t divided into tectonic plates, the crust doesn’t move, and all the lava gets piled up into one tremendous volcano.
-By eroding the materials a mountain is made of, rivers can trigger landslides — and those don’t let the mountain grow as tall as it could otherwise.

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  1. the reason why mount everest is growing is cuz india is STILL crashing into asia and making the mountains in the himalais bigger

  2. Mauna kea is bigger than mt everest because most of it is hidden in in the ocean mt everest is the biggest on land

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