What is luxury? – Tudor, Omega, Rolex

Intro – 0:00
Context – 1:00
Definition of Luxury – 3:01
Luxury Purchase vs Luxury Item – 4:35
Luxury in the watch world – 5:31
ADVERT – 9:30
Luxury Watch Brand Hierarchy – 10:25

What makes a luxury brand luxury?
Is Omega a luxury watch brand?
Is Tudor a luxury watch brand?
Is Rolex a luxury watch brand?

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  1. What an embarrassing waste of time – sitting around and debating what counts as ‘luxury’. Does this stuff really keep you up at night? Who cares? You’re obsessed with watches as status symbols, hence you always buy into all the marketing bollocks. The way you refer to certain Rolexes as tool watches, as though they’re actually tools, is laughable. They’re not tools in any reasonable sense of the word. None of the poncy watches you horse around with are tools. And the Omega Aqua Terra is not designed for playing sports. The watch industry must love you for peddling all of its shallow crap…

  2. Hallo Adrian. Great video as always, Where on the 'luxury pyramid' would you place Blancpain?🤔

  3. Watches provide no comfort therefore in my view the luxury watch category is a marketing construct.

  4. I would combine the first two tiers and probably add Cartier and JLC too- I think pretty much all their watches are luxury.

    Rolex and omega are interesting because as a brand Rolex are luxury but I don’t feel like all their watches are, omega too have luxury watches but I’m not sure I think of them as a luxury brand.

    Grand Seiko are probably luxury but I’m not sure any regular Seiko could be luxury. But Longines might be…

  5. Adrian, where do U see Breguet?
    Brand has great history, great products,etc,..but somehow they dont get enough attention,..they are underrated in my opinion.

  6. Very hard topic to put luxury in buckets. Same reason why I'm starting to get away from luxury. Overall, I see more value with the small independent brands. Cheers.

  7. you described haute horology, i would argue luxury (to most people) is the likes of breitling omega rolex etc

  8. Sorry Adrian – lost me after suggesting a £4 coffee’s not a luxury. Most brands use the ‘tool watch’ concept just to try and enhance the brand heritage…

  9. You don’t know what your talking about Rolex is a very luxury product
    I prefer that over patek or AP anyway

  10. Where would you put brands like IWC, Tag Heuer in particular, both with heritage and in some people's view a premium product

  11. never heard someone talk so much, and say so little.
    oh needless to say, i disagree with his opinions and the pyramid.
    By his definition, the MoonSwatch would be more luxurious than Rolex.
    Since they have an MSRP of 260€, and people payed 900€ for it.

  12. My £85 Steeldive 1953 cannot be considered expensive, but it’s absolutely wonderful.

  13. I'm an Omega fanboy. If you want the best designed pure mechanical watch, it is Omega 100%. Omega history and achievements are amazing. Great minds worn Omega. Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk, Neil Armstrong, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. All worn Omegas. Also Joe Rogan favorite watch is Omega and it is Jame Bonds watch. It is the perfect combination of luxury, history, innovation, and manliness for me.

  14. Quartz watches like the G-Shock are good for cycling and kayaking. You don’t have to worry about a thing. That said, I guess a Richard Mille would be fine with all the shocks from biking, but not sure with all the dirt etc. 🤔😂 For the more formal attire it will always be a mechanical watch for me.

    Speaking of formal, I know of a guy in Scotland who wore his Rolex OP at all times, shepherding, gardening etc. And of course for going to town. So if you don’t want/can’t pay for an entire collection of watches, where each fulfils a different purpose — then why not have just one watch for all occasions? Even with all the added preciousness of today, the OP still does that job pretty well.

  15. I respect your take on this subject but all my life I've known Breitling, omega and tudor to be luxury watches. you're the first and only person I've ever heard with this view. a very interesting view nonetheless but the first and only 😅

  16. Very good video, I can agree with you and really feel the way when you say Starbucks is luxury.
    It is always a point of view and to appreciate also small things like a overpriced cafe when a cheaper one in the cafe next door would also do its job 🙂

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