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  1. Have you been able to explain and convince this to the boss of the house after say 35 years? I have not!

  2. Great advice, too bad it doesn't really work with my Pioneer inverter mini split heat pump. It is supposed to adjust the compressor and fan speed to match the load so it runs constantly to maintain its set point rather than cycling, great idea! Too bad its not very good at it. If I set it to 70 degrees in the middle of the summer, the temp in my living room will go up to about 75 degrees or more because it won't ramp up enough automatically. I know the unit has enough capacity because if I turn it down as low as it will go to 62 degrees it will speed up the compressor and fan and cool to 70 degrees or less even on the hottest days, it just won't maintain the temp automatically. The other problem is that if I leave it set on 70 overnight it will over cool down to about 63 degrees. So unfortunately I need to adjust the temp several times a day to maintain about 70 degrees. I wish I spent a bit more and got a Mitsubishi unit

  3. after getting high energy bill What I do is leave it at 67 in winter and 78 in summer, he is correct your body has a thermostat built in it called a hypothalamus I think and it regulates body heat!

    So what I do is add a small electric heater and keep beside me in winter, those things are cheap and wonderful, they Radiant heat and you will be super warm!

    and in summer just add a fan to cool you off and drink cold water

  4. Ok we’ll take today for example high was almost 65 my condo got up to 77 and that is too hot for me but tonight supposed to be low of 38- My thermostat cannot control both the heat and the air condition at the same time there are three different surroundings heat cool and off so I obviously in the winter you would have it on heat in the summer and cool but when you’re in the fall and spring it’s like u have to constantly switch from heat to cool or vice versa or change temps – is there any kind of device that is automatic both heat n cool- Because I had it on heat today but then it got so warm and there was no way to cool it off

  5. I dont know what you want to prove ..the thermostat do his job programing the temperature but the boiler or furnace is the one who will change the temperature . of course if you have an old boiler and bad system at home it will take a while . if you have a good up dated it furnace or boiler it will bring the decire temperature much , much faster….

  6. I am leaving Canada for six months winter season and my condo will be empty. How do I set the thermostat to a constant low temperature (e.g. 60 degrees F) 24 hours a day.

  7. Ok but if I set thermo to 80 for the day during a hot NYC summer it runs every 15 minutes to maintain that 80. Isn't it more efficient to drop it to 72 and have longer intervals between on/ off????

  8. It actually will heat your house up faster if you have a heat pump system with emergency heat because the heating coils will turn on once your setpoint is 3+ degrees above your room temp. Cooling won't be any different.

  9. I like to sleep in a cooler room, but I'm not into getting out of the shower when it's 65-68.

  10. The information provided in the video is very useful, but the speaker is less effective.

  11. Work in nursing home, hear it ALL the time from staff. The funny one is “turn it down and it blow colder air”….🤨

  12. The staff at the local pub I kinda look after things for were doing this constantly, jacking it up or down then wondering why it was never comfy… A lock box and WIFI thermostat that the owner can see and adjust (.5-1 degree at most) fixed that problem quick.

  13. It's -20 in MN where I live, in an old house that's been remodeled, and I have mine set at 69 and it won't get past 66 in here.

  14. Geez you must be watching me! I turned down the heat last nite and now the heat won't come on. It did start blowing air no heat…I usually hear it ignite. The replace Batt is showing would that keep the igniter from starting?. I think I need to call for service tomorrow

  15. Holly Cheat! That's a long time to raise the temp 5 degrees! Seems strange – how well insellated is your house and what kind of heating system is it? Maybe try doing that again with a regular thermometer included set next to that thermostat.

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