What's Inside A 24-Hour Slovenian Combat Ration?

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Let’s see what’s inside a Slovenian military ration. Thanks, Monica!
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00:00 Intro
0:15 What are we tasting?
0:25 What are we doing?
1:10 What’s inside?
2:21 Sponsorship.
3:39 Wet wipes.
3:43 Matches.
3:50 Rehydrating meals.
4:41 Crackers & tuna.
5:11 Fish spread.
5:40 Coffee?
5:54 Hot instant lemon tea.
6:20 Fruit & nut bar.
6:36 Museli tasting.
7:24 Cashew nasi tasting.
7:56 Beef goulash tasting.
8:29 Vanilla pudding.
9:03 Energy tablets.
10:09 Gum.

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound, and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end — welcome! Comment: “Where’s the beef?????”

14 Replies to “What's Inside A 24-Hour Slovenian Combat Ration?”

  1. I wonder if you'd try any MREs from Africa. South Africa would be a good one I think

  2. Great a ration from my country ????. Dober tek ???????? Delamaris fish spread is an iconic brand here. ????

  3. Hi! Been enjoying your videos since the beginning (baby Emmy). Thank you for sharing your sponsorship with Rosetta Stone. I remember wanting it when I was little, you know when it wasn’t digital lol. My parents always said it was too expensive. I’m excited to finally get to try it out!

  4. Emmy we call USA Smarties Rockets here in Canada. Rockets are popular Hallowe’en treats.

  5. the Canadian version of the smarties are rockets (they are smaller and personally tastier) we do or did have those American smarties but like i said i preferred rockets

  6. So much yummy stuff in that bag, nice and instructive video. Have a good day Emmy. Bon appétit.

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