When Electrical work goes wrong – Electrician in Cambridge

This video is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way intended as a guide or ‘how to’.


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  1. Awesome video Dan, brutal honesty and you dealt with the fault and challenges really well.

  2. I feel for you bud.
    But, moral of the story is:
    See the job through, from start to finish yourself,…
    I.e. : what's existing, .. First fix, … Second fix…. job done.
    If absent at any stage, you'll be in the above situation.

  3. I think it’s easier to cut them out after they scim but before they paint.

  4. Love the scribble on the wall and send it thats exactly what I do never lost then, top man FELLOW SPARKS

  5. Nice video mate. Liking how you show the true side of some of these jobs and not just the perfect parts.

  6. I had the same with the downlighter over the shower head in my bathroom, wife insisted the light went where it is and low and behold it reflects up on the ceiling. I was very surprised to get a 'Oh maybe you was right'. Very lucky with junctions, but this is why a sparks are worth they money. You know where things are likely to be, its the stuff they don't teach you at college.

  7. brilliant video. as someone preparing myself for a new career in this industry, it's great to see how an experienced bloke like yourself handles a shit show.

  8. Use Leica Distro D2 BT myself,it sends measurments to my sketch on their plan app on my phone/tablet, to save or print it out.

  9. If you are replacing any consumer units would you be able to send them on to me please Dan I will give you my address on Instagram because I collect the old CU because everything is updating 18th edition

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