Which Light Kit is Right for You ? Video / Photography

Mark Apsolon covers various Video and Photography light kits including Cool Flo Fluorescent, Tungsten / Halogen, Strobe, Continuous and more. Get green screen gear at

26 Replies to “Which Light Kit is Right for You ? Video / Photography”

  1. Thank you so much, after I finished watching your video I finally knew what type of lights to buy for my studio photo & video.

  2. Wow! I learned soooo much with your video! You did a stupendous job and now I feel ready to purchase a lighting studio with all this knowledge! Thanks man!

  3. light is a freaking pain in the ass to adjust, no matter what you do you will end up with brighter spots on your green screen.

  4. What is the light that is the least hot, if I am doing indoor video, and trying to create a white background effect, but have a very lousy air-con, and still don't want to fry my subjects? I believe tungsten would be out. What about CFL, does that heat up a lot? Thanks!

  5. which tungsten light is better 800w or 650w?   i see that the less wattage, the more expensive.

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