While I was seasoning my wok,unexpected guest popped in! 如何开锅

How to season your wok in my Chinese way! And my pop in guest had something to say!
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30 Replies to “While I was seasoning my wok,unexpected guest popped in! 如何开锅”

  1. How can i block a channel on youtube? Im tired of seeing this annoying lady on my story.

  2. Western Companies need to find white passing families and let that model be known. If it value changes, she'll be caught running back to China. She's offering exoticism and lifestyle. If you catch new methods for people have chance to protect their pedigree, they'll naturally find Asians to have whiter babies. Westerners are not getting what they want out of Globe. They fuck randomly. you can hire a cook or chef to show up and cook for you a few times. You don't have to look down on people who cook simply.

  3. There is something special about this… This is the exact same way I, and many other black folks season their cast iron skillets. I was taught by my mom who was raised in the deep south. Idk makes me feel like one big family 😀

  4. It's good to know that seasoning the wok takes the same time and care as seasoning a cast iron skillet. I'll try to remember that if I ever get one.

  5. cross eyed child run into frame
    " im finding my glasses!"
    her: laughs at him

  6. You think we needed a video on how to put oil in a pan???
    Must be running out of ideas for videos
    Girl bye

  7. "this my exercise for the day"
    not going to say what i want to say real ones will get it.

  8. Instead of “I’m trying to find my glasses” I heard “I’m failing my classes” XD

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