White & dark chocolate mousse — no raw eggs

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My preview video about how a little fat will mess up egg foams: https://youtu.be/9_zECyLC0Wk


4oz (113g) solid eating chocolate
2 eggs
2/3 cup (160mL) cream (plus more to whip for garnish if you want)
1/3 cup (67g) sugar (plus a little more, potentially)
a watery liquid (water, milk, coffee, booze, etc — amaretto is especially nice)
corn syrup
cream of tartar

Get the chocolate melting in a small pot over gentle heat. Crack the eggs into a heat-safe mixing bowl, fish out the yolks and whisk them into the melted chocolate. Loosen up this chocolate mixture with enough of your watery liquid to make it whisk-able, about 1/4 cup (60mL) but it’ll depend on the kind of chocolate you’re using. If you’re using very dark chocolate and an unsweetened liquid, you might want to stir in an extra teaspoon or two of sugar.

Whisk and cook the chocolate mixture until you see the egg yolks just starting to coagulate and thicken. If you’re not sure, stop whisking for a sec and see of the mixture bubbles gently — if it does, you’ve gotten it hot enough. Transfer to a bowl to cool and get the pot soaking n the sink — you’ll need it again.

In a different bowl, whip the cream until stiff, then stir in a splash of vanilla. Wash the whisk or the beaters or whatever you used, along with the pot.

Return to the pot to the stove with about 1/3 cup (60mL) water in it. Stir in the sugar and a glug of corn syrup to inhibit crystallization. Bring to a boil over high heat and cook until the syrup reaches 240ºF, 116ºC. While you wait, put a pinch of cream of tartar in the eggs and beat to stiff peaks.

When the syrup is at the target temperature, carefully drizzle it into the egg whites as you continue you beating them. The eggs will cook and start to go glossy. Keep beating for a few minutes until the meringue cools down and is only lukewarm to the touch.

Beat the cooled chocolate mixture into the meringue until smooth. Beat in the whipped cream for just a minute, until it’s time to scrape down the bowl. Scrape down the bowl with a spatula and use gentle folding to get the mixture homogenous. Pour the mousse into serving glasses and chill before serving.

If you want, you could turn around and do it all again with a different chocolate (white instead of dark, for example) and pour that contrasting flavor on top of the one you first made, for a layered effect.

Once chilled, garnish with whipped cream or shaved chocolate or both or neither.

12 Replies to “White & dark chocolate mousse — no raw eggs”

  1. What do you mean fish out your egg yolks. Don't you know how to crack an egg and drain the white without dropping the yolk in? What kind of homecook are you lol

  2. From a fellow Eastman grad, i’m glad to see your success! Who said a music degree is useless??

  3. I personally love orange and chocolate, so I'll definitely be trying this. Not much of a liquor guy myself, but I bet the coffee would really nicely balance out the white chocolate. There's a place at the local mall that has a chocolate shop selling that ruby chocolate, I bet that would be nice for this too.

  4. I do like fruit flavors combined with chocolate, but I don't like chocolate with orange.

  5. Mine turned out much more liquid. Will see how they turn out when fully cooled down.

  6. >Americans in charge of not being scared of raw food
    Would be interesting to know why there's such a big scare of raw food in the US when in most of the rest of the world it's no big deal.

    Edit: Oh wtf, corn syrup as well?

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