Why buy a NIKON D5300 now! | versus D3300 D5500 EOS-750D | Episode 6

Want to upgrade your camera? The NIKON D5300 will rock your photography!

There was no better moment to upgrade from entry level cameras to low-mid range ones like the NIKON D5300. If you are a beginner who want to achieve higher performance or simply needs basic video recording performance, this is the right camera for you.

Being three years old, it still represents one of the best cameras of its price range also when considering Canon camera in the same league.
It goes new on amazon for 550€ (http://a.co/ijTM6ee) or you can find an used on for around 300€.

Curious to know how this three years old camera compares with other models in the same league? Jump to the sections below!

– Camera Specs Overview 1:15
– versus Nikon D3300 2:25
– versus Nikon D5200 3:05
– versus Nikon D5500 3:40
– Versus Canon 750D 4:25

In short… hell yes! You should definetly buy a NIKON D5300 if you get a used one you will have the possibility to snap supergood pictures and good looking footage for very cheap.
Flipping screen, 60fps FULL HD videos and custom picture profile combined with a 24.2 megapixel sensor with no antialiasing filter make this camera perfect for starting photographers that want to experiment in photos and videos. If you are thinking about an upgrade try to catch one and you won´t regret it!

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10 Replies to “Why buy a NIKON D5300 now! | versus D3300 D5500 EOS-750D | Episode 6”

  1. I have the Nikon D5300. I love this camera and I'm working on getting off the automatic settings. So much to learn, but what is nice about the DSLR is you can be new to photography, and still take nice shots. To my surprise, Nikon from what I read still makes this camera? Well, I can see why. The Nikon D5300 takes better photos than my Galaxy Cellphone!

  2. Face gets flipped after recording is done. So disappointed. Can you please suggest if there is any settings?

  3. Hi, I have a D5100 and would like to upgrade as inexpensively as possible. The D5300 does seem like a good choice for me. Is the camera body and grip about the same on either camera?
    Thank you, Sir.

  4. I'd like to have another Fn button on my D5300 to put white balance setting to it and it would be very nice to have setting screen at the top! You have to focus manually AF lenses. Otherwise it's a great camera! I bought it used and the next day, mounted on tripod it fell down on the wooden floor from about 1 meter height and it still works and feels solid and no cracks. So it would take a bit of punishment but be careful anyway!

  5. indoor picture output is always dark, please help give some more details on the picture?

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