Why modern sandwich bread is different from 'real' bread

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Thanks to Dr. Elisa Karkle at Kansas State University’s Department of Grain Science and Industry: https://www.grains.k-state.edu/people/faculty/karkle/index.html

Thanks to Dr. Emily Buehler, author of “Bread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread” https://www.twobluebooks.com/bread-science/

18 Replies to “Why modern sandwich bread is different from 'real' bread”

  1. The intellectual curiosity of our good friend Adam continues to yield a bountiful harvest.

  2. I'm not here to tell anybody they're doing anything wrong and I haven't tried Ragusea's easy white loaf (I bake most of my own bread using Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads) but I wouldn't say the sourdough bread I usually make for myself ('m a sad alonedweller) gets hard in 16 hours. I just wrap it tightly in a ziploc bag and keep it in the fridge and stays edible for the week it takes me to get through a loaf pretty well. It's practically indistinguishable by day when toasted.

  3. If you put your fresh bread in a large plastic bag or ziploc once it has cooled it will stay fresh (not stale) for a few days, but by day four you'll probably see mold. Of course, fresh bread rarely sticks around that long at my house. 🙂

  4. On preservatives: "And these are all approved…"

    I don't trust the approvers.

  5. The fact that she says "east" instead of "yeast" is driving me insane. Sorry, gotta downvote it.

  6. Because science… cancer kills us sooner. It is by design. Make bread like it was meant to be, Fresh every day.

  7. Doctor Karkle doesn't seem happy at all to be talking about bread! It's giving me hostile witness testimony vibes.

  8. You ever notice that in Adam's videos, on YouTube at least, generally have two totally different bicep girths? There's the early vids when he has arms like this —–, and then there's newer ones where his arms are like this 00000.

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