Why the Captain Always Sits on the Left

Can airplanes safely operate with one engine? What’s the fastest commercial airplane ever produced? How do planes detect other aircraft? Everything connected with planes is well-planned and thought out. Perhaps it’s the main reason why a plane is the safest way to travel. Today, we’ll answer the most popular questions about airplanes. Do you know, for example, why on airplanes, the captain sits in the left seat, and the co-pilot – in the right? Well, the reasons for that are historical.

One theory is related to horses, another one involves trains. These days, though, both seats have full control of the plane. And there are no regulations that would specify which seat the captain and the co-pilot should occupy. (Maybe it’s just rock-paper-scissors?) The world of aviation is fascinating, and we’d like to share with you the most interesting facts about planes and flying.


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19 Replies to “Why the Captain Always Sits on the Left”

  1. I just started watching this,but I know they used to do ! But,no longer nowadays ,the captain pilot sit on the right ,too depends on the aircrafts ! ????????????????????????

  2. Guys say Sir Ryan The Mighty and you will be blessed ???? for the rest of your life ohh and your family and get your friends to say that too and so will they

  3. there is miss information. whale yes a captain can sit in the left seet they need specail traing and to oprate in the left seet they need evan more training and the copilot under no circumstances can sit in the left seet

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