Why this riff is actually BRILLIANT! (BLUR)

There’s a little more to this riff than I thought! Let me show you why Song 2 by Blur is definitely an EPIC RIFF!


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27 Replies to “Why this riff is actually BRILLIANT! (BLUR)”

  1. Actually, it is the Bass (with a Rat) that makes the chorus so heavy. Go figure!!!

  2. I actually use so often the 5th inversion over a power chord in order to have 5th octave down – root-5th-root octave up. It makes sound your riffs almost like you are layering a track. It is great trick and i did not know that Song2 main riff was based on it. I actually thought that was a fuzz bass riff making all the noise and the guitar playing the ostinato on high strings. Nice video Man! Thanks

  3. Dude the intonation on your guitar is so good. Also weezer commonly does the same thing with the inversions. Always fun to add in some spice when writing songs.

  4. Barring the low e string (inverted 5th) when playing bar chords on the a string is a classic Hardcore Punk trick to fill in the sound.

  5. Check out Blur’s album ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’ for some crazy guitar work. ‘Colin Zeal’, ‘Pressure on Julian’, ‘Chemical World’, ‘Villa Rosie’, and ‘Oily Water’ are guitar highlights for me.

  6. These breakdown videos has been really awesome. I always end up pulling my hair when I see tabs that miss the very key ingredients of a song!

  7. Paul, I feel like you’d love to dissect Blur’s track ‘No Distance Left To Run’. Non-standard tuning, lovely bluesy chords, and some very Coxon licks.

  8. Those inversions also work decently when playing a 7 string song on a six string :p

  9. when i was a beginner i discoverd this trick by accident. Been using it ever since to make my powerchords sound more powerful

  10. Can we just stop to appreciate how brilliantly researched, written and edited Paul’s videos are? Masterful.

  11. I always heard this (at least in my own head) as a faux-mono mono/stereo mix to contrast when it breaks. No apologies! Sounded epic.

  12. Great Video Paul, even I could follow that as a very amateur acoustic enthusiast. So well explained.

  13. The released song is also just the demo that they done. Graham Coxon is for sure a guitar hero, his guitar work sounds so simple but there is always more going on than you think.

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