WINTERLOOKBOOK#2: The Black Maxi Skirt


Filmed by Sofia Mughal & Haneefah.

Snapchat: HabibaDaSilva

24 Replies to “WINTERLOOKBOOK#2: The Black Maxi Skirt”

  1. You look great Mashallah. Xxx And touv lost alot of weight. Pls share your secret xx

  2. Can you tell me the name of the shoes from asos I really really neeeeed them – that would be great, thank you :*

  3. oh yhh how can I forget your smile and when you wear glasses I swear you look so cute 😍 xx

  4. awwww love this. Ma'Sha'Allah the prettiest blogger ever. your face gives me life. so perfect and your skin colour 😍😍 best thing of you is your nose love it. keep up the good work.. xxxx

  5. Habiba, just wanted to know if you have a link for the shoes you're wearing in this video (black&white)?
    Love you, wish you nothing but the best xx

  6. when you told us the bag was a gift. I idiotically thought oh theres a store called gift. haha. I really love your style but I can get away with maxi dresses or skirts. because everything just ends up sticking out and I look more chunky. haha x

  7. J'aime trop ton style Habiba je vis en France et je te suis sur snapchat, insta et youtube !
    Ton style est le même que le mien et j'aime vraiment ce lookbook!
    Bonne continuation, ta soeur Fillah !

    I really love your style Habiba, I live in France and I'm following you on snapchat, instagram and youtube ! I have the same style as you and I really enjoy this lookbook ! Wish You all the best, your sister Fillah ! <3

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