Works Like Magic! Pour Super Glue on Thread and Be Amazed

In this video, I did a lot of repairs using super glue and cotton thread. Super glue is a very suitable material for repairing small plastic tools. Most people know how to fix using super glue and baking soda, but not many people know how to fix with super glue and cotton or cotton thread and super glue. By applying the methods in this video, you can learn an additional repair method to the super glue and baking soda repair method.

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26 Replies to “Works Like Magic! Pour Super Glue on Thread and Be Amazed”

  1. I'm still trying to figure out what the purpose of that first thingamajig he made was. It never showed to what use he put it.

  2. I am amazed at how you discovered all these uses for super glue. Now that's really thinking outside the box!

  3. This guy sure does experiment a lot with super glue. Next up: use super glue as lube and be amazed at how expensive hospital treatment is.

  4. Has anybody rated these cable repairs and cable storage solutions with thread+super glue for fire retardant properties and pet chewing safety compare to similar commercial products?

  5. How to add that superglue at your home on a vertical wall? Please also make this practical for lazy people

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