You Don't Have To Pay Your Student Loans

The president has signed an executive order that allows some people to not have to pay their student loan payments. We unpack the details of this executive order in this video. Learn what you should be doing now.
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30 Replies to “You Don't Have To Pay Your Student Loans”

  1. FYI I read an article that the Cares Act also gives your employer the option to offer you, the employee, about $5k tax free for student loan debt. Look it up. I asked my company about it but they said they would not offer that as a benefit. I think this offer was in effect until 2025.

  2. I have a plan to pay off my student loan in Jan 2022. Took advantage of the cares act and I've been throwing the kitchen sink at the principle. I set a goal in 2018 for it to be paid in full. I'm ahead of schedule if I stick with the plan.

  3. Nah I need them to run my money back if they just gonna Forgive everyone I busted my ass to pay mine off paid it off February of this year

  4. Already too advantage and paid off one loan early last Friday…pressing in hard to pay off final loan by Sept 2021 which will make me debt free outside of my mortgage!!!

  5. Mine says because the loan is classed as being owned by a bank I have to pay it right now 😑

  6. Does this mean that there will be no interest capitalization since no new interest is accruing?

  7. Good Morning…You have a new sub here it's really wonderful to see a Beautiful Couple such as yourselves giving out financial advice…

  8. I plan to put all coins toward my $86,000 student loans.. not sure how much will b able chip st but imma do my best. Anyone have Nelnet? I see I have 2 , and was wondering if anyone had same situation? Was thinking to pay down on lowest 1 first, is this possible when they are under 1 account?

  9. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of no interest on loans and get out of debt faster sooner? We paid off 20k thank you covid! I know not having one is in that position but we are blessed and follow a financial fitness literacy program and are highly motivated to get debt free in two years

  10. I paid off all my credit cards. I was advised to start paying on my student loan because I want to buy a house.

  11. This Covid 19 season has been the best for me in terms of paying my on student loans. I started paying chunks in March when they halted the payments and interests. I’ve gone from $61k in March to $44k now in September. I’ve been seriously budgeting and making payments on my Stu. loans.

    It’s been exciting to see the figures move and has motivated me to keep at it.
    I’ve was discouraged for many years with making payments and only seeing little impact. For example, all the payments I made last year, only move my payments down by about $1k b/c of interests.
    This Stu loan is the only debt I have and can’t wait to rid of it so we can be free and get a house for our family.
    Guys this is the best time to pay off. The interest has is our money we have been giving the Gov’t for free. Now you don’t have to. So take action!!

  12. What are some student loan forgivness programs I can look into? Most of the ones I find are scams.

  13. This is in reference to Federal student loans but what about a Private student loan?

  14. I am paying since i am lucky enough to still be working. I owe so much. The compound interest means i still pay outstanding interest.

  15. I have continued to pay my student loans. Is there anything out there for private student loans you all know of? Navient is my biggest problem

  16. Great information and that’s an awesome news! I was wondering if you could advise me on my Student Loan. I currently owe 5,451 and my payment is $65. How can I pay off this faster.

  17. You.Better.Preach I have been saving money since April. Paid off all my interest and will send a check before Dec 31st. Manifesting zero interest for next year as well so I can chop down this beast!

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