You Need To Consider These Incredible Complications (They Are More In Reach Than You Think)

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In this video, I’ll share intriguing complications that are a lot of fun while also being more attainable than you might imagine. If you’ve ever been excited about the looks of a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar or an avant-garde MB&F but knew those watches were out of reach, this video is full of interesting new options to check out. What’s one of your favorite complications from a more attainable perspective?

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0:00 – Intro & Organization
0:47 – Mechanical Alarm
2:48 – Monopusher Chronograph
4:14 – Jumping Hour
5:22 – Hourly Chime
8:00 – Seconds On A Disc
9:01 – Triple (Complete) Calendar Chronograph

18 Replies to “You Need To Consider These Incredible Complications (They Are More In Reach Than You Think)”

  1. My Casio A159WAD has alarm, chronograph, calendar and real diamonds. All of these incredible complications for just $50

  2. Love your channel Teddy and so glad to see you cover CW and the Bel Canto. I ordered one of the new releases in Cielo blue with bracelet and it will be a long wait until it's arrival in November but I'm sure it will be worth it. Would like to see you review the Aquitaine sometime as well. Keep up the great work!

  3. I own the Longines MCMP and it is an astonishing watch for the price. I would not mind owning one of these Christopher Ward "Bel Canto" watches, they look superb. Thank you for the great content as always.

  4. Now, this is a bit more expensive but Ochs Und Junior does a Sunrise/Sunset which actually changes throughout the year as the nights draw in and out. I know krayon also does this complication but the Krayon watch is 100k where as the Ochs Und Junior is 16k. Still a chunk of change but a very interesting complication non the less

  5. Those are really cool mechanical watches I have yet to have in my colectiion. I am eyeing a vintage Alpha alarm watch at the moment. Great video

  6. I'll throw another watch into this discussion, although it's not quite in line with the lesser known brands you put in this video. Among the heavy hitter manufacturers, I would argue one of the best values for money is the JLC Master Grand Reveil. Made from 2005 to 2012 (I think), it combines a mechanical alarm (with ring AND vibrate functions), a perpetual calendar, and a moonphase of N and S hemispheres, all for roughly $15k at current pre-owned prices. The fact that it's offered in steel helps with the price (there's a LE platinum version as well), but all in all I was hard pressed to find anything more horologically impressive than this for the price, so I'm the very proud owner of one!

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