You’re Killing Your Tomatoes if You Do This, 5 MISTAKES You Can’t Afford to Make Growing Tomatoes


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29 Replies to “You’re Killing Your Tomatoes if You Do This, 5 MISTAKES You Can’t Afford to Make Growing Tomatoes”

  1. Tomatoes and peppers don't like being in the ground under 50゚at night.

  2. Last year I grew 2 or 3 different varieties of tomatoes in large containers. They took forever to ripen (planted around May 20 & didn’t ripen until the end of Aug.) Also, they all produced overly sour fruit. I wonder how I could avoid these problems in the future?!

  3. I hope you're keeping Tuck's collar very loose.???? My yorkie had the same trachea issue and my vet recommended we keep them off completely.

  4. ❤❤❤Tuck❤❤❤ Poor Tuck nothing to snack on in a video about tomato leaves.

  5. Thank you for this, going out to prune right now. Your videos are so helpful! ????

  6. How do people harden their plants off and still have full-time jobs? Serious question

  7. ❤❤❤ I always enjoy seeing Tuck in your videos. He looks like my yorkie

  8. James, you are back-to-back dropping every video I need to see. My friend suggested you to me after I told them I've been getting into gardening the last year. I'm forever grateful she turned me on to you dude you're videos and advice and personality are a treasure. Lets gooooo

  9. I was out doing the first pruning since planting today and those suckers do grow quickly!

    Last year in the UK heatwave, we had a lot of shield bug larvae on our tomatoes. We managed to keep on top of it and had lots of tomatoes to harvest. I think this year will be more avg temps.

    Has anyone tried cutting the main stem of a mature tomato plant to see if it would re sprout roots as an experiment if it gets too tall?

    Our interplanted garlic seem to be better this year too but it also might be as we changed the source and got to choose our garlic on the IOW garlic farm, rather than order from Suttons.

    We tried growing carrots, when we pulled the garlic out but i think it was too hot and dry to germinate and then what did, was eaten. We have a plastic cold frame that has legs so it's top is about 3ft tall and we have been getting some carrots from it.

    We have also noticed a lot of leaf miner damage on the Spinach and Beetroot. Any tips? I do normally squash the worms but it seems to have been on a rampage and spread and i can't seem to find them.

    We just had our first samplings of Sugar Snap Peas today and i forgot how sweet they are!

    Thanks for your all your videos, James, Tuck and Camera person! Really appreciate it!

    Best wishes from London! x

  10. James I just planted out the last of 193 tomato plants today! Got any tips for ground cherry's and tomatillos? ????much love Tuck????

  11. Using the suckers to start new plants gives you the advantage of being able to start more hybrid plants if you get like beefsteak or Big Boy tomatoes because it is part of a hybrid. Now seeds from the hybrid will more than likely be a throwback to one of the other of the plants used to create the hybrid

  12. I live in a very short growing season area in northern ID. I found making sure that the leaves are removed a good foot up & leaving suckers from the 2-foot height & on up for my indeterminates, I get a ton of tomatoes before the temps dip in late Sept. & our first frost may occur. It seems for those who garden at the 6000' elev. & higher in CO do the same thing. ;D

  13. Basil planted among your tomatoes really keeps the horned caterpillars away too! ????????

  14. How long to continue removing the suckers from indeterminate plants? I've removed them over and over from the same spots on each plant, but they just keep growing back.

  15. You can stick each of those shckers stems in dirt and water for more plants, water good and give some protection from sun for a couple of days. With rooting hormone they will do even better

  16. ❤❤ for James and Tuck. Ordered my 2023 t-shirt. The one I bought from you last year is my favorite t-shirt.

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