✨ Quick & Easy Wash And Go For TYPE 4 Natural Hair ✨


This is just a quick wash and go tutorial for type 4 hair. When I’m running late or I’m in a rush this is how style my hair. Trust me when I’m not filming this process is a lot faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a TWA?
TWA stands for Teenie Weenie Afro.

Where is bear?
If bear is not in a video its because he is usually off on a date or sleeping.

What camera are you filming with?
Canon T5i, if you are just starting off i say go for the rebel series just make sure you got the “i” series because it has a flip around screen.

What type of hair do you have?
Type 4a in the front. Type 4b on the sides. Type 4c in the middle and a little sprinkle on the sides. This is why I just refer to myself as just type 4.

What are you listening to?
Silent Partner – Pink Lemonade


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29 Replies to “✨ Quick & Easy Wash And Go For TYPE 4 Natural Hair ✨”

  1. Hey if you guys want to see some close up's of my hair follow me on Instagram @chazzzisawesome 😘

  2. Is black castor oil the same as black seed oil? My grandson’s hair looks exactly yours when it gets long and I’ve been wracking my brain to find the right products that will work on him. His hair is so dry. I really appreciate your video.

  3. That shampoo brush/detangler is amazing! Forever grateful for that tip, especially for short afro hair.

  4. I will definitely try this cause I can not do wash n goes with all that shingling praying hands etc

  5. Thanks to you I’m confident to wear my Felicia braid somewhere else other than alone in my house😭

  6. You sound just like Shannie O’Neal I think that’s how you spell her name

  7. Me- 3c,4a,4b &4c in the crown only where I get the most shrinkage and dryness all over with low-porosity😣

  8. Everytime I try to detangle with any tool my hair snaps and breaks off. It's frustrating as my hair is long enough to tangle, but too short to really style…

  9. NAIROBI SETTING LOTION W/ BIOTERRA GEL!!! I have type 4C and I get curls with this combo gel. After you wash your hair and condition, section it and put a healthy amount of both products in each section. Bioterra doesn't flake and doesn't have alcohol. The only downside is it is CRUNCHY. But now it's a staple and I use it religiously. I still haven't learned how to make my hair less crunchy without losing definition.

  10. Soultanicals is a BOMB natural hair line! It’s a natural hair line and Black owned! ❤️🙏🏾 a little goes a long way but the jars of my fave moisture butters is small – 8 oz 😅 And we’re kinda texture twins 🙂

    Tried em in late 2017 but I was hooked immediately! 😍

  11. Your videos have so many different products, do you think its better to stick to a certain routine with certain products for consistency or keep changing?

  12. Hi Chazz; Thank You for telling me about KapChair. I saw your Deep Conditioning Video using it. It's a Gorgeous Cap. Plus you don't need Plastic Bags are Caps. Plus, It's Machine Washable. Will, Definitely let you know when I Received it!💝😍😉

  13. Love your tutorial! This worked for me and my 4c hair! I just need to get better at moisturizing!

  14. I heard that eco styler had chemicals that makes peoples eyes burn and have bad reactions to it. I saw this on many YouTubers pages like smartista beauty.

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