AMAZING Sandwich Magic Trick – TUTORIAL

Learn the SAC move:


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28 Replies to “AMAZING Sandwich Magic Trick – TUTORIAL”

  1. I knew you used extra cards. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,almost had a great trick

  2. OK I have not watched the tutorial . NO extra cards. You did a great trick

  3. shortcut: might take some practice but if u squeeze the edges of a deck when its in mechanics grip it buckles the bottom cards creating a gap…normally i just tilt deck and slide the card into the gap telling them its on the bottom then cut the deck so now its in the middle.

  4. STOP! Making some weird scary clips once in awhile, it makes me wanna quit the video!..

  5. Disturb reality, I really look up to you, and you are great, but I have one question. What does magic mean to you? Is it a tool to get a chick's phone number, a way to earn money, or something more, something that cannot be described and understand unless you do it yourself. Something complicated. Something deeper. What is magic? What makes a true magician different from a kid that has the same skill, but uses magic to get hot girlfriend's? Please answer, or please dont. Maybe just question, if you didn't do it already.
    Thank you,

  6. Watching this I thought it would be cool to leave your sandwich card up jogged and then place your two "bread cards" also up jogged and let the spectator watch you push all 3 separated cards simultaneously into the deck.

  7. You can just do a riffle force because jarek doesn't explain the modified Hindu shuffle force properly

  8. your such a good magician you are helping me for my card tricks thanks!

  9. Hey guys can you please check my channel please watch and comment to get me better

  10. very cool trick. can u tell me where do u buy cards online? or do you have any trusted websites? thanks jarek 🙂

  11. How is it that u learned magic? Cuz i wanna learn too and my only source is videos…

  12. Hey disturb reality du er sug til kort tricks men hvor lang tid har du øvet dig i ??

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