28 Replies to “???? Smiley Face Cookies #cookiedecorating #cookies #shorts”

  1. Amazing! You CLEARLY should never be intimidated by anything ever again. You're a rock star!

  2. That cookie is smother that’s my face after I use my $90 face cream????????

  3. I can’t tell if that is the most cutest ???? or creepiest ???? smiley face cookie I’ve ever seen

  4. Who says they have to be perfect???
    What unnecessarily stress your putting on your self.. Honey, there going to be eaten, make them all different no one will care how perfect the smiley face is only how good it is!!!

  5. Make vampire kiss cookies! They're my fave and i'd love to see your take on em!

  6. I need to order one dozen pleaseeeeee they are perfect for my sons birthday party all the colors everything is perfect…..you are so amazing

  7. Theyre handmade cookies, they dont need to be symmetrical, they just need to be cute!

  8. Girl they look like the cartoon style they use in elementary school poster????

  9. l like this presentation. "Homemade Sugar Cookies are so yummy". Praise God from whom all blessings flow.Amen

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