1 Month Shelf Stable Food For Less Than $150, Small Space Solutions!

1-month shelf-stable food is perfect for anyone with not enough room to store food storage. This box includes all shelf-stable items, and some that require no cooking, just reheating.

Vlog Inspired by Modern Self-Reliance- http://modernself-reliance.com/onemonthfood/

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11 Replies to “1 Month Shelf Stable Food For Less Than $150, Small Space Solutions!”

  1. This is a great video! For anyone living in the Southwest or on the Sun(same difference) Ritz crackers and Graham crackers have gone bad for me because of the heat, even being stored in an air conditioned home. I don't know if it's because they are both packaged in a wax paper-like packaging, but they do not last in my climate.🏜🏜🏜🏜

  2. I've started following the serving sizes on the foods so I can get use to the amt of food I'm looking to be limited to. I also started out just buying one meal items at a time then started grouping them by expiration dates.

  3. We love Spam salad sandwiches. Slice it and mash the slices with a potato masher ( l like the ones with small squares), add some chopped up Little Gerkin's pickles, chopped onions, a splash of mustard and some Miracle Whip. Mix it all together and put it on sandwich bread. I like to chill mine for a couple of hours before serving.

  4. Don't forget your pets! My little Chihuahua mix senior dog has her own tote filled with kibble, wet dog food, treats and chews, extra of her favorite toys and water.

  5. Amazing tips and an informative video as usual! Also, I just love your hair😍

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and sharing your ideas. Its just me and hubby in a small apartment. Turning coat closet into pantry. We've always lived in walking distance of groceries and now live rural so for convience alone a pantry would be handy. Such good information. Thanks!

  7. I like that you don't criticize people for saying they don't have space. What you do is offer solutions and tips for storing meals and using unusual places to put food. Thinking of meals instead of individual items lets you know how many days you have covered too. Making a list of meals your family likes and stocking shelf stable food for them is a great tip. We are doing meals in a bag suggested by RoseRed Homestead video which is putting the ingredients for a meal in a bag and note if you need to add fresh ingredients or water. I'm using the canned goods that expire this year or early next year which helps us rotate as well. We are decluttering since retired and I'm not into decorating for seasons and holidays like I used to be. Less out makes what is displayed more special and room for food storage. Thanks for the positive videos!

  8. Kimmy great video! Your hair looks really pretty today. I liked how you styled it. Have a good day!

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