This Cast Iron Pipe RUINED Our Work Day.. Rough Plumbing BEGINS! – THE SHOP Part 2

Happy Sunday Gang! We’re off to the races on this thing. we have a few goals with this project and one of the main goals is speed! Speed has never been a priority for us, but with the Stud pack house slowly taking shape in the background, we’re anxious to get out there which means speed is now a factor! We can’t go fast when we’ve got stubborn 50 year old cast iron in our way though! Watch as we battle with old pipe and start to lay out our new PVC fittings, getting a real idea for what this bathroom is going to look like!


13 Replies to “This Cast Iron Pipe RUINED Our Work Day.. Rough Plumbing BEGINS! – THE SHOP Part 2”

  1. You guys started out so good with the dust management with the saw, then there was no water while you were chipping :-/

  2. Clean around the supply line and replace the copper exposed…too much corrosion showing…

  3. Looks great. And don't listen to them Jordan….your job is camera guy/ goffer

  4. Always a joy to watch you work, pride in craftsmanship, big thanks.

  5. It doesn't look like much , if anything, was done to insulate the Cu supply pipe from the concrete.. . A slab leak is in your future.

  6. That fitting that you are using with bushings on each end is illegal to use under slab. The right fitting is a double combination. You want change of direction for drainage. You may have drainage problems with the fitting that you are using. Also a 4 by 3 closet flange would be perfect. Enjoying the channel. Just trying to help out.

  7. Good to see you fellas using respirators when doing this sort of work. It makes me cringe when people on youtube don't protect their lungs from the horrible junk demo/sanding/etc. kicks up.

  8. Dont know wsne i saw one the first videos from your channel i saw but i love your work need more people like you who love what they do not just for money😍😍

  9. No offense but you guys clearly are not plumbers. That cross cannot be used on the horizontal because you can't pitch it and each drain will just drain into the other side. In my state, thats not an approved drainage fitting even if its installed on the vertical. Two wyes with some offsets would have been the correct fittings to use there. You'll never be able to snake that fitting either.

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