10 Cleaning Hacks for People Who HATE to Clean!

Do you hate cleaning? Well, you’re not alone, Melissa Maker also hates cleaning and in this video she shares 10 cleaning tips to help you out!


10 Cleaning Hacks for People Who HATE to Clean:
0:00 – Introduction
0:37 – Set A Goal
0:37 – Pick A Starting Point
1:25 – Most Important Areas
2:47 – Simplify Your Cleaning Products
3:48 – Tackle Tough Tasks First
4:01 – Use Quality Cleaning Tools
4:34 – Ditch The Distractions
5:24 – Stack Tasks
6:33 – Don’t Over-Clean
7:27 – Learn to Clean
10:16 – Why Do You Hate Cleaning?

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19 Replies to “10 Cleaning Hacks for People Who HATE to Clean!”

  1. Well I noticed I too hate cleaning, but it has it rewards… like cleaning up a cupboard in the kitchen or any room and finally throwing away old items and suddenly I have one third more space. Also it helps to wacth Clean My Space for inspration and motivation to start cleaning!!!! 😊

  2. I don't really hate to clean. But it makes me frustrated when the other family members don't notice or appreciate what I've done. Like carelessly walking on a mopped, still wet floor, cutting bread on a wiped surface leaving crumbs, my daughter's long black hair in the bathroom sink I had just cleaned etc etc.

  3. I knew I liked you! I HATE CLEANING! But I also like a very clean house and the drama of trying to reconcile the two is not a joke!
    Thank you for the video.

  4. I hate cleaning because as a child it was used as control and power. I was never taught to clean the proper way too. Have negative emotions around it. But I like to vacuum because I own a very high grade vacuum cleaner and I saw Dog the Bounty likes it too.

  5. When i shower , i clean my shower…the next day i finished the rest of bathroom, i vacuum, mop the floors , mirrow etc… my room always a quick dust vacuum ,do the bed etc… husband helps a lot I hate dusting!

  6. Another tip I would recommend to anyone reading this, is to try and reward yourself after a cleaning task. Big or small. It helps you associate cleaning with positive things instead of negative things.

  7. Yes!! Cleaning when I was growing up was usually punishment or something the family did when my parents were in a bad mood. I am older now and moved past that but I shared that same kind of association when I was younger.

  8. I love a clean, peaceful and organized house but I don’t always love to clean because it takes too long, like hours too long.

  9. I hate cleaning because sometimes it's gross lol I also hate it because it feels like it always falls on me even though I'm not the only one making the mess. So I literally clean with anger and bitterness in my heart and that sucks.

  10. I had a lot of negativity about cleaning also, both growing up and in marriage. When I was married, my spouse helped with household chores a little, at first. Then he refused and even refused to cooperate about keeping things clean. He critized everything I cleaned and generally verbally abused me over it, nothing was ever cleaned well enough and I never did enough of it. He's been dead three years and I'm still not over this and it shows in my house. I wish I knew how to get past it. Also, I have a disability making it difficult.

  11. I know my hatred of cleaning comes from how i was raised. Our mom would freak out if we didn't do our chores perfectly. Now I tend to try to clean everything perfectly, and it ends up taking forever!

  12. Can you please do a vid on common places missed? When I’ve cleaned I always feel like there’s something missing and my house still is not guest worthy.

  13. I hate cleaning because I had so many cleaning chores growing up that I actively choose “no, don’t wanna”. I love your common sense approach. Your book is the best adulting purchase I’ve ever made. I used your microwave cleaning solution and it went from teeny murder scene to spotless is less than 5 minutes! I watched your mouldy window cleaning video and followed your instructions…and they are no longer gross. Seeing great results sets different expectations and it changes the way I see chores I used to loathe. I have one problem though…your microfibre cloths are so fluffy and perfect – I don’t want to get them dirty 🥴

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