10 Crops You Can Still Plant In August!

Here are 10 crops that you can still plant in August so you can be harvesting all the way through winter!

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17 Replies to “10 Crops You Can Still Plant In August!”

  1. Can I start my carrot seeds in trays inside, then once they start sprouting p]replant them outside? Thank You.

  2. In south central Kentucky, which is zone 6B, I can easily grow spinach from August of one year, until about the end of May the following year. It will last throughout the entire winter.

  3. Thanks James and Tuck. I haven't really tried fall gardening before. This is the year I'm going to do it. Planted beets a few days ago. I'll put in carrots this week and some lettuce soon.

  4. my daughter loves peas even raw, has been begging me to plant another round of peas for the early fall, water for 24 hr is a great tip!

  5. Thanks. Now that my tomatoes are gone, I want to keep the garden growing. (I don’t know if you’ve mentioned them, but the best tasting tomato ever is Cherokee Purple!). I’m really looking forward to growing Chinese vegetables because I love making Chinese food. I love seeing Tuck. He’s such a cutie, and it’s amazing watching him dig up his own carrots and eat them. What a great little buddy.

  6. Microclimates matter to everybody. I live in zone 5b in Maine. Usually by the end of October a lot of areas have had at least one frost, at least 2 by then further north. My property is fortunately exceptionally located when it comes to gardening and such. I live on the side of a mountain ⛰️ in the countryside. It's so country there's a land conservation across the street from my house. I hike the trails a lot too. Our house is high enough elevation that folks feel their ears pop due to air pressure changes when they come over. It's consistently about 4 degrees Fahrenheit cooler here than it is in the lower lying surrounding areas of our community. It's that way every season without fail, BUT frost tends to gather in lower lying areas first. THIS means that I usually don't get my first frost until around the end of October. It's funny because literally a few houses for off that way the entire garden is frost bitten and dead, but I'm still pulling in produce because of our elevated location, even though our property is consistently 4 degrees cooler than the surrounding lower lying areas. It's bizarre to drive down the mountain and see all the gardens gone for the most part, but we still get to eat fresh and had plenty to preserve in various ways through the season too. It's a blessing and I've honestly never seen anything like it. You would think with the consistently lower temps up here we would get frost first no matter what, and we definitely would if we lived further down, but because frost settles in the lowest areas first we are spared for awhile. Usually by 2 to 3 weeks.

  7. Every video James and Tuck produce has a positive impact on either the current state of my garden but has creates so many ideas for the next season and the next year, as always thanks for the great work! ❤❤❤❤ for Tuck!

  8. green beans, cucumbers, peas, beans, carrots (board cover), beets, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Swiss Chard, radishes; Clayton, Mache, Arugula, Mizuna, sorrel, Asian greens (choys) and spinach (Sept.).

  9. lots of good items, I can watch this now and start 3-4 weeks after you being in Georgia, lol.

  10. We're in the Highlands of Scotland but this video contains so much top notch advice a LOT of it still entirely applies to us here. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your knowledge. Great stuff! 👍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😁 🐂

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