It is easy to overlook the common and cheap items on thrift store shelves; however, with a little DIY magic, you can turn these items into beautiful home decor. In this video, I’ll be transforming ordinary thrift finds such as a used cutting board, wooden bowl, metal stand, metal planter, jewelry box, broken resin orb, patriotic resin sheep, metal and wood butterflies, a small lamp, a small bird cage, a cheap metal platter, a plastic picture frame, a wood picture frame, and faux flowers in acrylic “water” that has turned yellow. The results are extraordinary!

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  1. Omg… I had what I call a "duh" moment when you broke the glass base away from the flowers in a plastic bag. I have beautiful tulips I can now rescue from that horrible yellowed acrylic water! Thanks, Sherry!!
    ???? ???? ????

  2. Once again, Sherrie, such imagination in all you do !! Love your DIYS and makeovers… ❤????

  3. I have 4 antique oil lamps that were my great grandparent's, ranging from tiny to large. I would love to see some ideas with those!

  4. These are all amazing!! Thank you for sharing your creative work and talent from God with all of us.

  5. I loved the terrarium best also but so many great ideas here. This is a great video among your other great ones. Tyfs!

  6. I'm undone! You've OUTdone yourself!! I loved this so much! I have more than 2 favorites!❤

  7. Love, love, love the blue frame with the tissue paper & bird transfer…absolutely gorgeous!!! ???????????? Although I think all of you ideas & projects are genius!

  8. I love today's video you did a fantastic job. I loved the lot of them but I think the terrarium in the jewelry box was my favorite. The funny thing was I was only in the beginning of your video and I was laying on my bed watching it and I happened to glance up at my jewelry box that I have and thought to myself I wonder what she would do with my jewelry box and it wasn't but 10 seconds later and you jumped into your terrarium. Loved it! The only thing I was surprised about was that you didn't add your usual butterfly

  9. I love thrifting too. ????And I love u too. God bless u. ????????????

  10. So creative and amazing what you do with thrifted or it ms you already had.

  11. My favorite was the terrarium. Loved! Loved them all, but I’m on the hunt for an old jewelry box.

  12. You certainly do your part to protect the environment. Beautiful recycling!

  13. Can't pick a favorite today! I thought on the one project…. "Sherry, remove the mirrors", but after the greenery…. don't listen to me ????????????

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