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  1. This is a good list and video. But for the record my parents relationship was “toxic” as hell and they are still together and healthy now after 20+ years. They fought alot but they also fought to be together out of love, their story is inspiring to me and I’m so glad they didn’t split up.

  2. Best Moments for me
    [ My own thoughts are in square brackets]

    2:21 Facts and Feelings Method
    [ This is a brilliant point. You do not use words like 'never' or 'always' because it is not 100% true]

    3:48 Phrase = that is the difference between you and me.
    [Oh dear. This language is too strong. This is a separating idea. This says I am better than you in this way]

    6:58 De-escalate. Pause then answer in a calm tone
    [Easier said than done. How do you move away when you are both protecting your own egos? Both protecting your own identities?]
    [But if you can step away during the arguments, you pause for 20 minutes.]
    [Then come back and resume talking about the issue. Both sides have calmed down and can look at the issue with clearer heads]
    [People argue a lot because their human brain is protecting their identity. They are preserving their energy because people do not want to change beliefs]
    [Why? Because the human brain wants to conserve energy]
    [This might be the reason people argue. Because it costs you less energy to argue than to change your mind!]
    [Because if you change your mind, you are telling yourself that at one point, you were wrong.]
    [People hate being wrong. So they argue.]

    7:40 Own your part in the conflict
    [This is a big idea in ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie.]
    [When you own up to your mistakes, then others cannot do it for you.]
    [This was also seen in 8 mile when Eminem says all the insults his rap battle opponent was going to say to him.]
    [Hence leaving his opponent with nothing to say back]

    9:05 call a time-out.
    [Wonderful point mentioned. See 06:58 on de-escalating]
    20-minute break from this convo. Pause then un-pause moment in the TV show ‘How I met your mother’ is brilliant.
    [I have seen this TV show before. But never saw this episode.]

    Maybe I need to watch this episode !!

  3. This applies to every type of relationship: friendship, family or romantic.

  4. This is Marshal Rosenburg’s NonViolent Communication book in a brief summary.

  5. I noticed a lot of these in my on again off again relationship I had. When the good times were good, it was so positive and supportive. When the times were bad it was exactly like this, criticizing, stonewalling, contempt. I wish I saw this video back then. Maybe we could have worked it out… ????

  6. 10 Hard truths about life you should know

    Life is 5% what happens to you and 95% what you make out of it.

    Talent without acting on it is useless.

    Nobody will understand the life you desire as much as you.

    Don't let people that talk sh*t bother you.

    Don't lie to yourself, it will hurt more than facing the truth.

    Sometimes the people you love most are the ones you have to leave most.

    Consistency and resilience will change your life in ways you cannot imagine yet.

    It's not your job to make everybody happy.

    You can make people think, but not change them.

    Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. Choose wisely.

    Edit: Try to appreciate other's work. So upvote..


    1. Stop telling people your plans

    When you over share, you hurt your own progress. Keep things private and win.

    2. Know when to say no

    Strong people put their own well being before pleasing others. Practice saying no more often.

    3. Make a decision, and commit to it

    Too many people lack discipline and go back to their toxic patterns. Make a decision to change, and stick to it.

    4. There is power in numbers

    Nobody has made it in life all by themselves. You need a team that uplifts and supports you. Stop being a lone wolf.

    5. Starve your distractions, feed your focus

    Focus on your goals instead of

    cheap dopamine. You will achieve anything you ever wanted.

    6. Always provide value to others

    There is only one secret to success: making other people's lives easier. In business and relationships, providing value will keep you their first priority.

    Edit: Try to appreciate other's work. So upvote..

  8. Daniel Sloss' "Jigsaw" special will forever be the number one thing to save you from being trapped in an unhappy relationship with the wrong person.

  9. I can predict it up to 70% accurately
    If you’re with a woman there’s a 70% chance you get divorced. You’re welcome

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