In this video, I present 10 easy DIY projects and decor ideas to refresh your bedroom on a budget!

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  1. The chest was an amazing refresh but I loved the light shades. So pretty

  2. Putting those pretty brass wheels on your chest took it to the next level; truly, it all looks like a warm and comfortable room

  3. Hard to pick one favorite but if I had to it would be the chest at the end of the bed and it’s new set of wheels! ????

  4. Oh Sherry…everytime I watch one of your refresh video's, I want to tear apart every room in my house and start again, lol. I really liked extending the bookcases to the ceiling, so pretty !❤????✌️

  5. This video really inspired me! Love the look of built-in bookcases. Lovely all around.

  6. Your makeover is gorgeous! When we moved into our new (to us) home, I also chose mossy greens and putty tones for the primary bedroom. I purchased blackout draperies slightly deeper toned than the moss and putty quilts. Fortunately the walls were already painted a deep, neutral beige that blended well. I added 5×7 area rugs on both sides of the bed. I’m just looking for new drawer pulls for the dressers and nightstands, and I’ll be done! My favorite of your projects was the refresh of the blanket chest. It’s stunning.

  7. Everything looks wonderful! My favorite is the lampshade! I love that Zoe wants to always help you☺️????

  8. I really like the blue green book cases. But I also like the thrift store table. Your videos are some of my favorite. Thank you.

  9. Wow!!! I think this has been my very favorite video yet. That’s saying a lot because I love all your videos but this one had so many elements in it. I love your room!!!!
    I love how you raised the bookcases.

  10. Oh Sherry, your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous. It looks n feels so warm n cozy n definitely your style.
    I’m sure it took a few days to conquer all that hard work you did. Truthfully I have too many favorites but to name a few was that lamp shade you did. Oh gosh it so professional looking. Love that great idea you did with the chest, adding those brass wheels make it look like it’s always been that way. ( hope you put it in the links below as I would love to order them from Amazon) Loved your sweet parlor table you painted over. They called them parlor tables as that’s where you’d usually find them in the parlor with a plant mostly likely on them. I had one once. It was solid oak but little did I know the termites got to it. It broke my heart. I’m still looking for another.
    You did a awesome job. I’m sure your husband is a good sport excepting you changing n making over that wonderful bedroom.

  11. I really liked this refresh. It was good to find out about the products you used to clean up the chest at foot of ur bed.

  12. Wow you do know how to ‘do’ a room! Those lampshades are amazing❣️Such patience & know how. The end of the bed looks beautiful now. I blame you for wanting all things William Morris! Thank for sharing your creative with us ????????????️

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