Old-Fashioned Handmade Aioli is Perfect for Spring Asparagus | Kenji's Cooking Show

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21 Replies to “Old-Fashioned Handmade Aioli is Perfect for Spring Asparagus | Kenji's Cooking Show”

  1. Asparagus is such an interesting plant, too. It's a long lived perennial that can last for decades. Spears you don't harvest grow into huge fern-like fronds. The female plant sets toxic red berries.

  2. He doesn't remember which one is the mortar and which one is the pestle EITHER!!

  3. For future privacy I would censor your home/lock screen. I know keeping your family's privacy is important. Also, as someone who grows asparagus, it is best on the same day it's picked. The difference even a day makes is more than you would expect

  4. Try rolling the asparagus in Parma ham, arrange it nicely on the plate and just pour the aioli on top of it. It’s lovely.

  5. Hey! FYI we can see a kiddos face when we see your phone screen around the 6:33 min mark. I know you like to keep them off of social media and wanted to flag this for you in case it was an accident!

  6. oh my god this just gave me a flashback to peeling asparagus at work shudders

  7. cold seasonal asparagus on this 90º scorcher of a day, truly a wise choice.

  8. Kenji snapping at his Apple Watch mid sentence for talking to him is so relatable

  9. Material Kitchen has an awesome peeler called The Forever Peeler with replaceable blades

  10. the mortar is the bowl. i remember it because artillery shells or fireworks can be shot out of a mortar, which in those cases is a tube, but they're hollow… vessels? lol

  11. What does asparagus actually taste like? I have never tried them because the local store sells them in giant bundles. I've been kinda scared to buy them in case I don't like them and have a huge amount left over.

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