10 Genius Styling Tools ALL Classy Women Use!

How are you able to survive without these 10 styling tools?! ALL classy women with impeccable style use these tools daily to look their best! (Now you can too!)

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Anna Bey is an elegance expert and educator, teaching women how to transform their lives to enjoy a more refined personal presence and lifestyle. She’s been featured in The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan and many more.

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24 Replies to “10 Genius Styling Tools ALL Classy Women Use!”

  1. Always drive a clean car, it looks ridiculous if you are all dressed up and get out of a dirty car.. Nono.

  2. Also she repair can make a hole in belt if necessary. Also for hoes in shoe straps, can use a nail and hammer 😉

  3. I like that you start with the beginning like the steamer and the sticky roll, it’s basic but important as having a good breath💯

  4. Hey Anna, can you make a video about your underwear recommendations? A good strapless bra, a good racer back, the best bra for backless dresses, when to wear a body etc. I'm quite overwhelmed with the choices and I am not quite sure which are the essentials

  5. a razor or electric pilling device. As important as a steamer. Your sweaters will look brand new.

  6. Style tool #1 Seamless underwear: No need to wear uncomfortable tongs, there are hipster's cut underwear that are seamless. Those from Calvin Klein do the job well.

  7. Niple covers ! 😂😂😂 ouiiii c’est tellement évident et … tellement mieux ! Merci Anna de remettre la décence, soeur de l’élégance au goût du jour, vraiment, merci beaucoup Anna 😁😁😁

  8. Anna, please start sharing what lipsticks you use in your videos, they are gorgeous! Thank you in advance!

  9. Thanks, Anna! Those are all great tools. I’d like to add the fabric shaver. It’s very inexpensive and it’ll keep your sweaters like brand new, especially after a few washes. Hope this helps!

  10. Anna, what are your thoughts on a slip? An outdated undergarment or an elegant way to conceal panty lines and maintain modesty?

  11. can you please make video on social media and the pictures..? i feel like sometimes i post too much and overshare, even though i only post about glimpse of my daily life, i still feel like it’s too much.

    maybe post examples on how elegant lady pose in pics?

    thank you

  12. I have a couple of pairs of suede shoes that get dirty, or get water spots on them (usually from when I wash my hands at work and a little water drips on the toes of the shoes. I am VERY careful about having "inside shoes" and "outside shoes" and never mix the two. It helps keep my good shoes in better condition to never wear them outside or on concrete). Dabbing at dirty spots with vinegar and water spots helps a lot!! The water spots on some light tan suede shoes I have totally disappeared! You can also use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges on the more canvas-y material of white shoes. I also will sometimes use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the white canvas material of my shoes (it really works!!).

  13. Great list! I do have a cleaning kit as well for luxury handbags… actually most of stuff you said I do have. Good tips video 👏 the spanks though is such a pain 😵‍💫🤣

  14. All advice is great, but I wouldn't invest in hole maker, any local cobbler is happy to do it free of charge 😉 one unnecessary item less.

  15. I love your vids Anna. The only problem with a thong is that you can see too much of a woman's derrière outline under a thin material dress/trousers (which I have noticed in some of your videos when you wear silk dresses). its best to wear shaping control pants to hide the "derriere outline". Slips are very important too and should always be worn under dresses and skirts.

  16. Hey Anna,
    Can you talk about femine energy and how to achieve it?
    Thank you so much❤️

  17. In India the belt seller has this hole maker and he punches holes as per our needs free of cost ❤️

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