10 HABITS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE (and made me a happier person!)

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23 Replies to “10 HABITS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE (and made me a happier person!)”

  1. This was so good❤ I’ve gained like 30/40 pounds in like 3 years ???? I need to get motivate but my anxiety and depression make it so hard????

  2. Gardening is a great for mental health. Do.t let apt living stop you cuz you can grow in pots grow fabric pots or towers like the greenstalk.

  3. My friend and i were just talking about our sleep schedules and how good I feel getting up early, we work evenings but setting an alarm and going to bed within an hour for late night workers, thank you!

  4. The number one thing that I look forward to, is your videos Sara Jane! Love ya!????????❤????????

  5. Thank you for sharing. This couldn't have come at a better time for me.❤

  6. Thank you. Your talk has jussled my mind to thinking I can change by changing what I think and do. My gratitude to you for the sweet and honest talk. God bless

  7. Sarah this is a super helpful video thank you for being honest and giving good advice!

  8. Hi Sarah! These are some awesome and wonderful tips! Thank you so much for opening up and also helping us at the same time! You are a wonderful, sweet, kind and down to earth person! I enjoy all your videos! They are all informative, interesting and so helpful and fun at the same time! Thank you for all you do! Congratulations again on your engagement. Wishing you tons of happiness and success! Take care and God bless you! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! ????

  9. Thank you. Opening my heart up to Jesus Christ, gives me peace and joy and confidence in Him, knowing I'm fulfilling the purpose He created me for. And no matter what happens around you, He gives you His Holy Heavenly Abiding Peace. ✝️❤️????

  10. Thanks I needed to hear this. I asked for a sign and this came up. I’ve been debating to delete my tiktok and this has given me the push I needed. I’m so addicted to social media and it takes up all my time. I have things to do but I’m over distracted by my phone. ???????? thanks

  11. Love, love, love, this video. Please develop more of this type of content. You are so authentic and these videos really resonate with me. Thank you Sarah Jane. You are wonderful!!

  12. Such a great and helpful video! Thank you! I’m going to go back and rewatch with a pen and pad and write the ten things down.

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