10 Minute Recipe: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio – Laura Vitale

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20 Replies to “10 Minute Recipe: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio – Laura Vitale”

  1. Your Italian habits and phrases and behaviors are awesome! I love it! I cooked so many wonderful recipes with you that my friends think I am Italian:) and I am Ukrainian:)

  2. Born and raised in Italy, came here at 15, your cooking always makes me homesick.

  3. Jesus died and rose again for your sins. Believe in him and you will be saved and go to heaven!

  4. I think it’s strange that there are people who do not switch over to a different language once in a while or don’t slip into an accent once in a while. Where I live, it’s very common to hear English and Spanish mingle in the same breath. Because I grew up hearing it, I love it. Now, in my family, we are not fluent in Spanish, but we are comfortable using Spanish and we are trying to improve on our skill. We also do the same with Italian, and French.

  5. Спагетти можно переломать, ахахахахах. ????????????

  6. When you stared talking about the cringe thing, i though for the longest time that you ment the pasta falling in between the pans and didnt really get it. But then you where like my Italian accent and i was so confused lol girl no one be cringing over that!!! If they do, send them over to me so i can twist their ears! They better not be bashing you about THAT!

    Also will be making this for lunch or dinner today!!! Can NOT WAIT!
    You explained it so well and easy, i always thought it was too difficult to make~ i missed out

  7. Definitely one of those favorite staple Italian meals you can never go wrong with it

  8. oh!! did you say your freeze your parmesan cheese?? Do you grate and freeze? Or freeze the entire wedge? Does it need to be defrosted????? thanks in advance!

  9. ????????We Love it! No pine nuts though I have enjoyed watching you for years Laura you are genuine and true to your Italian heritage it's inspiring!!❤️

  10. Laura, the video was GREAT without the country music in the beginning. The Italian music at the end Perfect. Love this pasta dish as well.

  11. I make this at least once a week with fresh bread and a lovely bottle of wine. Perfection!!

  12. Rachael Ray says if you salt the cold water, it will scar your pan because it doesn’t dissolve in the cold water.

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