10 Replies to “I went to the Moonshine MoonSwatch Launch!”

  1. The usual characters wearing hoodies looking to flip the next hype item. Pretty greasy all round for a piece of disposable plastic.

  2. They could have made the case another colour and the feedback would have been way better… This is just lazy, but people still can't get the normal versions so technically they didn't even need a new one to keep hype

  3. Swatch is just keeping Oris and Seiko busy with their respective Ocean Bank and Save the Ocean programs. MoonSwatches will end up as landfill or micro plastics one day. I realise the plastic component of Bio-ceramic is said to be 'Bio-sourced' but surely it's all just going to end up in the sea again in no time. Let's be honest, these things are cheap, flimsy and throwaway ????

  4. Not a fan of the new moonswatch but i think what they're doing is genius. It's not too different from the sneaker culture approach, and ultimately the hype is getting more and more people into watches – which is a good thing!

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