11 Discoveries Nearly Stopped Divers Hearts

The world ocean takes up about 70% of our planet’s surface, but only 5% has been studied and researched. This means that deep down under the water there is a whole other universe with secrets and mysteries that are not yet discovered. For example, a lot of gold, silver, and precious stones worth about $20 billion were found on board a Spanish galleon found near the Colombian coast!

But divers find gold and other treasures at the bottom of the ocean actually quite often. A much more interesting discovery is the Yonaguni Monument. Huge stone formations at a depth of 85 feet. Divers traced the clear contours of the pyramids, streets, and stairs there. The entire structure is about half a soccer field in size. Many believe these are the remains of the legendary civilizations of Mu or Lemuria. So, we picked out 11 amazing objects that were found underwater. That is, of course, just a drop in the bucket, and we cannot even begin to guess what else might be hidden deep down underneath.


Galleon San Jose’s treasure 0:01
An underwater river 0:49
The Yonaguni Monument 1:25
Lion City 2:22
Baltic Sea Anomaly 3:09
Heracleion 4:00
A luminous spiral 4:35
Antikythera mechanism 5:36
A giant jellyfish 6:37
A giant anaconda 7:07
Orda Cave 7:35

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16 Replies to “11 Discoveries Nearly Stopped Divers Hearts”

  1. Please, I enjoy your videos, but history needs to be rethought in the light of the fact that according to His-story, the earth ???? is only 6,000 years old. Truth is stranger than fact. ????????

  2. square blocks to sea higher than water line then pump water out from middle of square you could research bottoms.. hmm

  3. Typical misleading YouTube garbage . The picture has nothing to do with video . Dnt waste your time . The video contains old recycled videos everybody has seen years ago

  4. The "monument" is natural, but when it was above the water before 8000 years ago, it was occupied and parts changed and used by humans. I do not think humans would have ignored this interesting usable area near the coast, do you? Cynthia McLaglen

  5. oil and water?why not salty and fresh water?Show us that.Isn't that what you are talking about?

  6. Anacondas are usually slaughtered on sight, I'm glad they just took pictures of this one. They are incredible snakes ❤

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