DIY Beauty | No-Mess Body Scrub With 3 Ingredients

Summer isn’t technically over, but after Labor Day, we start getting into the Fall spirit. After spending weeks outside (or, in my case, airbrush tanning), your body may need a detox — which is why DIY body scrubs are so popular! They’re a cinch to make, but the downside is that they can make a major mess in your shower. (Coffee beans are great for firming and toning, but they take over your tub!) If you’d like to clean your body and keep your shower clean, you’ll be psyched to make these exfoliating sugar soap cubes.

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10 Replies to “DIY Beauty | No-Mess Body Scrub With 3 Ingredients”

  1. Does anyone know where she got the ice cube tray and is it silicone? I need a cubed mold.

  2. I made mine with coconut oil and leaving it in the shower or at room temp it didnt stay together started melting. Any tips on how to keep its shape without having to leave it in the fridge?

  3. So I tried this yesterday and it worked. To all that say that the soap didn't melt it doesn't even have to be all the way. I used Dove from Wal-Mart and it did melt fully I used a regular ice cube tray and put them in the freezer over night and used one in the morning. I was hella soft! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!

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