12 Bartroom Habits We Need to Stop Today

What are normal bathroom habits? Which bathroom habits are dangerous for you? A bathroom is an important place in your house: you start your day in the bathroom, you wash all the dirt away there, it brings you relief. But it turns out, if you go in the shower, you might wanna go elsewhere when you hear running water! Here’re 12 habits we all do but need to stop.

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17 Replies to “12 Bartroom Habits We Need to Stop Today”

  1. I see those things are new for you guys weeeeelllll some countries like Philippines most of us don't use toilet paper we use water and soap then wash the hand with soap then using the alchohol to disinfect our hands again. So watching this video is nothing new as much

  2. The last one:world toilet day is held on November 19
    Me:screaming cuz it’s exactly the day before my bday

  3. my cousin uses ear buds way to much and she says she has she has bad hearing because of me and my brother and I can’t wait to tell her that she wrong ty bright side

  4. BRIGHT SIDE : what would u do to celebrate World Toilet day?

    ME : i will sit on the toilet seat for the whole day or I will lock people in there.

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