12 Christmas Cookies That Will Impress Everyone You Know | NYT Cooking

These are 12 Christmas cookies for the modern era. Susan Spungen is a food stylist and cookbook author. She created these cookies as reimagined classics. Marbled Tahini, Dirty Chai Earthquakes, Homemade Pocky and more. Get the recipes: http://nyti.ms/2DNBJaU


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16 Replies to “12 Christmas Cookies That Will Impress Everyone You Know | NYT Cooking”

  1. This has to be the BEST of ALL TIME…WORTHY OF THE HEIGHTIST COOKIE AWARD EPISODE THAT WAS EVER CREATED AND THE COOKIES ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BESSSSSSST….if you are a cookie person and you don’t try these cookies you should be arrested for cookie crimes????????????

  2. Does anyone has recipe for the stamped citrus shortbread cookie, please to share?

  3. I will never know what these taste like because the NYT paywall is a nightmare

  4. I watch this video every year. It’s the most beautiful, inspiring cookie baking video I’ve ever seen.

  5. I would watch 100 more cookies presented like this. They are all so stunning and the host was delightful.

  6. Alright, the video’s fine and the host is lovely, but in case anybody’s here for the recipes, they’re behind a paywall. You don’t get to see them unless you’re a NYT subscriber. Just to save anybody the effort.

  7. A cacophony of flavor, art, and
    homespun gourmet 🙂 Very much enjoyed the presentation.

  8. The link to the recipes leads to the NYT site which asks for subscription to view the content. Fair enough. After you pay you get a picture of the cookies and more links which lead to A SECOND PAY WALL on the cooking subsection of the NYT. Hey New Your Times… fuck you.

  9. R.I.P. cookie stamp that never took off because of c^v*d. Maybe you’ll find a new home in the future

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