12 Great Inventions We Should Thank India For

We all know that India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a super rich culture and history. But did you know that some of the stuff you use every single day was invented in the land of spices, sarees and Taj Mahal? From the buttons on your shirt to the shampoo in your shower, there are so many things we can’t go without we can thank India for.

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The zero 0:46
Rulers 1:38
Chess 2:14
Plastic surgery 3:11
Cataract surgery 4:06
Wireless communication 4:44
The USB 5:37
Yoga 6:31
Natural fibers 7:26
Flush toilets 8:10
Shampoo 8:39
Buttons 9:22

-Aryabhata, an Indian genius of math and astronomy, invented the “zero” as a symbol to represent “nothing” in the fifth century A.D.
-The Indus Valley Civilization was using rulers in 1500 B.C. and earlier.
-Chess originated from Chaturanga, and it was a strategic board game popular during the Gupta Empire, around the 6th century AD.
-In the 6th Century B.C., an Indian physician named Sushruta described the use of hundreds of medicinal plants and instructions for performing surgical procedures in his reference book.
-Sushruta not only invented plastic surgery but also performed the first cataract surgery.
-Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose presented his discovery of radio communication waves to the public in 1895.
-Ajay Bhatt came up with the idea of a universal port for devices as he was putting an SD card into his computer in the 1990s.
-People in Northern India were practicing yoga over 5,000 years ago.
-The Indians started cultivating cotton back in the 5th and 4th centuries B.C.
-Home toilets connected to a complicated sewage system, with canals, irrigation, and smart water management, existed in India over 5,000 years ago.
-Shampoo was invented in India in 1762 and was originally used for head massages.
-The first buttons were found during excavations in Mohenjo-Daro, one of the largest settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization.

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24 Replies to “12 Great Inventions We Should Thank India For”

  1. I am really proud to be an Indian❤ ???????? . Thanks a lot for giving such information for everyone about our country. Jai Hind ❤

  2. It's lot of invention of india but now you haven't knowledge all about things and also don't knowledge of world or scientist.
    Because some anti people have hidden from this world.

  3. We should get inspiration from Old inventions of India and think about what we can do now to contribute to the world. Most of our time is spent on social media and searching for money making ways. Have non-profitability and problem alone in mind before working on a solution to discover something useful.

  4. India invented
    1 ???? button
    2. 0. Zero
    3 Shampoo ????
    4 Rular
    5. Yoga
    6. USN
    7 Ayurveda
    8. Toilet flush
    ???? Like if you love theese

  5. who indian dident knew that chess was invented in india? and snakes and ladders are called saap sedhi where saap means snake and sedhi means ladder in india

  6. btw people call kalidasa shakesphere of india but actually its vice versa cuz kalidasa came before shakesphere

  7. Sadly invaders have taken these things, denied the Hindu origins and made it their own;e.g. today's phony yoga for example. Of course weak Hindus share in these thefts.

  8. Actually first wireless communication was first used during mahabharat Era when Sanjay used wireless communication to tell the king about whatever was happening on the battle field.

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