16 Replies to “How to Make Coffee in a French Press”

  1. Thank you. I’m going to start using my French Press more, but I use Community Coffee. Louisiana’s best.

  2. Except don't use Folgers. It's sludgy, and when i used it my disgestion system got messed up with acid reflux. Thankfully that's curable.

  3. Thank you Folgers. That's all I wanted to know!! Love your coffee, but wanted to use a French press. All these coffee snobs on youtube made it seem only freshly ground can be used. But your coffee is great. Why change. Thank you again for the video.

  4. Finally, a video that doesn't waste fifteen minutes of absolute nonsense of fill time. Great video!

  5. I didn’t know you could use regular coffee not course ground in a press. Hummm
    Thought grounds would come through.

  6. That’s about how much coffee I would put in 12 cup coffee maker. Lol I guess my coffee would be too weak for most people. ???? But, I did buy a French Press so this video will be helpful since I knew nothing about how one works.

  7. this vid is a game changer!! resolved all my problem with using filter pour-overs
    fast and taste better
    thank you!!

  8. The trick is to find French press coffee in the grocery store… the only thing I can do is grind my own coarse ground coffee… there is no French press Folgers in any grocery store around here.

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