12 Riddles with a Twist Show If You're a Unique Thinker

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Hey, you never know when you’ll be thrown into a situation when you have to put on your thinking cap. ???? I’m talking a time-sensitive situation where you need to make a smart decision FAST! ???? But if you’re brain’s all foggy and you can’t concentrate, not good. Your brain needs an effective workout to boost that logic and get the analytical gears turning faster. Consider these riddles that exercise your mind is craving! ????????


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20 Replies to “12 Riddles with a Twist Show If You're a Unique Thinker”

  1. Can you please make a video with ALL the riddles with Ezme and the witch? I want to make sure that I haven't missed any…… Please?

  2. I have an answer for the bonus question, i gave a hard thought ???????????????????????? the witch likes Esmay's visit's so she put's her in the same time,that's why she is lost

  3. If Esmae got lost a second time and managed to make her way to the witches house again then why doesn't she remember the directions on how to get back

  4. In the thumbnail the watermelon is the woman wearing heels but she was holding her stomache. If you have a baby you don’t need to hold it and if you had a watermelon it would fall. None of the ladies held their stomache so they did not have a watermelon. I made a better explanation

  5. I knew that tje woman wearing the high heels was probably the thief because of the pattern of the answers, but pregnant women can wear heels. I don't know why, but some do. If their feet are not too swollen, they wear what they want. Who wrote that ridiculous line?

  6. Esmae always get lost in the forest because of that witch remember the with has magic, she can the way of the forest

  7. I have a feeling people have actually stolen watermelons from the store and hid it under their shirts to make it look like they are pregnant

  8. 6:38 you can wear heels when your pregnant it's just not recommended but the third girl has a fish in her cart and when you're pregnant you're not allowed to eat seafood

  9. Celina… Well fudge it's not like memorized the periodic table lol~
    There's no ice bears down south? I just chose it because out of all the three he can at least run or avoid detection lol~
    The photo thing… Well duh it's so obvious~

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