12 Rules For A Cleaner Home! (Cleaning Motivation)

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12 Simple Rules for a cleaner home from cleaning expert Melissa Maker:

0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Make Your Bed Everyday
1:41 – Clutter Free Surfaces
2:50 – Find The Source
3:57 – Tie Multiple Chores Together
5:14 – Clean The Kitchen After Every Meal
6:03 – Keep It Simple
7:15 – Get Everyone Involved
8:33 – Have A Plan
9:44 – Clean As You Go
10:50 – Embrace Empty Space
11:37 – Tidy Your Bedroom Each Day
12:16 – Stop Apologizing

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How to Clean Everything in Your Bathroom: https://youtu.be/cP3f6_9_oh8
My Secret Cleaning System: https://youtu.be/TqHX3pTeRdg
11 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing: https://youtu.be/6aYMg9IQStE
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30 Replies to “12 Rules For A Cleaner Home! (Cleaning Motivation)”

  1. American videos like this make me sad. My kitchen has 7×7 feet sized kitchen. We have 1 drawer and four small cupboards… we cannot just put everything out if sight!

  2. I find those railings that you put over doors much easier when really tired then hanger and closer..as least off floor and won't wrinkle.
    I started shaking bras etc or stained items in bathroom sink overnightt they get really clean.
    I hang to dry!

  3. I enjoy your videos to keep me motivated. I too make my bed when I rise, I noticed your husband put your pillows on the floor. Not my cup of tea, I keep my linens off the floors. Thanks

  4. oh yeah the "stop apologizing" is a great rule. i can only add that "it will never be perfect". when i was younger i got anxiety over how messy my place was and thought that i can never invite people over cause of it. and then my friend was in the area and asked if he can drop by. i was so nervous but guess what: it was fine. we just sat down a talked a little and it was fine. i would have never had people over if i was waiting for that perfect moment where everything was spotless. this is not happening. im so much better with keeping my space clean but every now and then i have some worse days… so right now i invite people that i like over and i dont do a manic cleaning montage beforehand. they wont judge me, even if its messy because they are nice and polite.

  5. Oh my watching the video and cringing because your husband did not make the bed. He just pulled the sheet and blanket up. No no make and tuck the sheets in properly or it just looks sloppy. Sorry I had to share because one it’s a pet peeve of mine and two people are sloppy enough these days in all ways.

  6. When people come to my house we usually sit on the verandah which we where we spend most of our time doing our stuff and most of that stuff ends up on the table. So when guests come and the table is a mess I don't apologize I just say "Have a seat and I'll clear this table so there's space for coffee".

  7. Updated list! Will go on my fridge chalk board! 💜 Have family help? Probably easier to get a script of Prozac. 🤦‍♀️

  8. You can unclog your drains with baking soda and vinegar
    How to do this can be found on YouTube.

  9. I resisted making my bed for years. YEARS!!!

    Now my husband works 3rd shift and I find myself often making the bed twice. Once after I wake up and again before I go to bed.


  10. So,….I decided to make my bed while listening to this video. It took the whole video time and not 90 seconds, lol! Clearly, I have too many pillows. 😉 Still, it was worth it. Hey, that's a cleaning hack, just play your videos while cleaning! It's very motivating. 😀

  11. Really surprised that you wouldn't put some sort of mattress cover on to keep it clean, and so you don't see the "ugly" at the end of the bed. The way it is now, your bed looks unfinished and amateurish.

  12. I come to your channel because the stuff on TikTok is questionable. Idk if it's a joke or if it's real. Some is cool but I'd rather trust someone who is serious and not spreading lies or making such bad quality videos. So many bad videos on other platforms wasting my time.

  13. Right now it looks like a tornado thrashed my apt! I have physical limitations but always feel motivated when you are on. Slow but sure….

  14. Always make my bed, need to learn how to clean everything else; thank you Melissa.

  15. 11:08 I noticed that all the things you are putting away in this clip are cleaning supplies. I put mine in a small white basket. Corralling things in a basket or tray makes them belong there. … The other thing about keeping them in a basket is when I want to clear the counter, I just have to move the basket instead of 5 individual items. Same with when I want to bring them back out… Everything is together and I'm not digging around for 5 items. 💖🌞🌵😷

  16. That’s so true about not apologizing for your home not being perfectly clean. Every time I’ve heard that from someone, their house was spotless. It made me self conscious to invite them to my home

  17. Noooo. 2 pillows UNDER the blanket. Absolutely non on top. Peaceful restful soothing is the current trend dear. It looks cluttered these days.

  18. I am new to your channel. Wow you are amazing! Content superior and I am sharing the link with my family and friends! You rock!!!!

  19. I try to follow most of your rules but the ones on minimalist give me trouble. My husband is a horder. I didn't understand why until recently. My husband was the last kid of 7 in his family. His parents divorced when he was 6. There was never enough money to go around and he ended up with all the hand me downs from all the other kids. He was also tormented by his sisters who liked to break his toys. When we got married, money was tight and he taught me to save little bits to fix other things, the way he grew up. We are now more financially stable and bought our first house in our middle age years. He is busy filling up every nook and crany with pretty do dads that I have to dust. Due to a job related injury, we have slept in separate rooms for years. and yesterday he finally got his new bed set up. Looking rather wistfully, he says to me, I've never had my own room or a new bed and I'm now in my 50's. It had taken him that long to have a bed all his own that was new, every bit of it he earned. He never had the pretties he now collects. It made me look at his collecting in a different way. It might not be the pretty minimalist house with clean lines I was envisioning, but his boho style of mismatched objects makes him happy. Made my dusting today feel not so much of a chores but more a labor of love.

  20. Ok I see the decorative pineapple but where is your fruit basket? 🙃forreal. Because if I don’t see the fruit I’m not gonna eat the fruit.

  21. You've got a lot of great tips. I've tried doing a few things you suggested. I tried cleaning as I go and I love doing it but my sister/roommate that just won't do hers. I've tried talking to her nicely. She says ok, but now refuses to do anything. I've also have a really bad back. It literally takes me 30 minutes to do it. My bedroom needs help. I really like your advice because I'm always listening to music

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