12 Style Rules Every Handsome Man Follows

If you want to look stylish no matter what occasion, all you have to do is follow some simple rules. We’re happy to introduce a style guide for men’s fashion to help guys look irresistible.
The main thing that every man needs to know is that it’s not enough to just buy a suit. You have to be able to wear it properly. The main thing is to avoid getting the wrong size. The jacket sleeves shouldn’t reveal too much of your shirt cuffs or cover up too much of your hand. You definitely don’t want the suit pants to be high-waters, but they shouldn’t be so long that they bunch up over your shoes. When it comes to picking the right shirt and tie, it’s important to remember that the main color of the tie should contrast with the shirt, and the secondary color should complete it. Pants can make or break your look, so you need to be especially careful when choosing them.
Every stylish man knows the importance of choosing the right color socks. If you’re wearing shorts, you can only put socks on if you’re going to the gym. Try to avoid any wacky prints, at least if you’re leaving the house.
There are certain colors that complement each other nicely. Others will clash and look tacky.
As for popular hairstyles nowadays, you can try an undercut, a man-bun, a top knot, or a fade.

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A real gentleman’s suit 0:33
How to make sure a suit fits you properly 1:30
Shirt and tie 2:01
Some practical advice 2:52
Pants 3:17
Shoes 3:39
Socks 4:57
Clothes you can never go wrong with 5:37
Acceptable color combinations 5:57
Garments that are best avoided 7:28
6 Ways to tie a scarf 7:52
Hairstyles 8:38

-Remember that just buying the right suit is not enough, you have to be able to wear it properly.
-Make sure the suit isn’t too small or too big.
-When choosing your outfit, always start with the shirt, not the tie. Start by picking a main color for your shirt.
-Never push your sleeves up so that it looks like you’re wearing an accordion on each arm – roll your cuffs up correctly.
-Pants come in different lengths: full break, half break, quarter break, and no break, it’s up to you to choose one to your liking.
-Chose your shoes according to the color and style of your suit.
-The color of your dress socks should match your suit pants.
-If you’re not sure what to put on, you can’t go wrong with a dress shirt and V-neck sweater.
-You can never go wrong with white as the main color of your outfit, both light and dark tones will go with it.
-Try to avoid tight jeans, baggy T-shirts, shirts with a deep V-neck, and if you’re a size 10 or bigger, steer clear of Chucks.
-Note there are at least 6 ways to tie a scarf: The City Slicker, The Sophisticate, The Ivy-Leaguer, The Professor, The Artist, The Weekender.
-Choose your hairstyle according to your face shape. And, you can never go wrong with the classics.

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25 Replies to “12 Style Rules Every Handsome Man Follows”

  1. My advice, if it's summer, a great men's casual outfit is a polo shirt and flat front shorts. For a formal events, pinstriped suits will never fall out of fashion. When it doubt, just do what the royal men do.

  2. It's not about the rules , rules are meant to be broken. It's how you wear it . If you are shy when you wear a suit , better wear the t-shirt and jeans that makes you feel confident .

  3. Bright side? You are still in 90s for your sick choice! Going funky prints and Colours are the new style…

  4. I always have a problem with bought shirts as the neck sizes don't seem to be appropriate for the body sizes. Since most are made in Asia i suspect that they are made for an Asian body profile , ie long thin necks that sit to the centre or rear of the shoulder line rather than the front of the shoulder line which requires a larger neck size. If I buy a large neck size i seem to be buying a tent of a shirt.

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