25 Etiquette Habits Only 5% of People Remember

What’s your association with the word “etiquette”? Something old-fashioned, like gentlemen in top hats and ladies with teacups in their gloved hands? Well, this picture has nothing to do with modern etiquette habits. If you want to be perceived as a well-mannered, polite, and respected person, you might want to brush up on this topic.

The thing is, the rules have changed, but we still should follow them in order to not feel awkward. All polite people want to know and observe etiquette rules, especially when some of them aren’t that obvious. For example, if all you want to write in your email is “Thank you!”, avoid sending it. You will just clog the recipient’s inbox. Yeah, I never knew that, too ????.

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If you rip your pants 0:27
You need to split the bill with your friends (but they’ve eaten more than you) 0:52
Public restrooms 1:18
If you need to blow your nose 1:53
If your food is stuck in your teeth 2:17
If your fly is down 2:39
If someone smells bad 3:17
Tell the difference between a pregnant woman and an overweight woman 3:56
If you want to take a selfie 4:30
At the airport 5:08
How to talk on speakerphone 5:24
Email Etiquette 5:44
Hold your cup correctly 7:18
If your food is too hot or spicy 7:46

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– In the case of bathroom etiquette, if you see that a stall is closed, don’t try to open the door. It may accidentally open, and both you and the person inside will feel extremely embarrassed.
– While applying makeup or combing your hair, use the mirror furthest from the hand dryer. Otherwise, people who only need to dry their hands will have to wait until you finish.
– It’s bad manners to use a toothpick at the table. If you know for sure something is stuck between your teeth, go to the bathroom and get rid of it there.
– It’s good manners to offer a seat to a pregnant woman. But let’s admit, the situation can’t get more embarrassing than when you confuse an overweight woman for a pregnant one.
– If you want to take a selfie with someone, you should ask for that person’s permission first, even if it’s your close friend. You should give them some time to prepare for the photo.
– Avoid wearing clothes with offensive logos and bad words. Some people may perceive such a T-shirt as a joke, but others might get offended.
– When you’re in the boarding area at the airport, don’t crowd in front of the gate. Also, when claiming your suitcase, step toward the carousel only after you’ve spotted your bag.
-Always inform a person that they are on speakerphone, and that there are other people in the room. If you talk to someone on speakerphone at work, find a separate room and close the door.
– While you can send work emails at any time of the day, don’t send business-related texts earlier than 1 hour before the work day starts and 2 hours after it finishes.
– If you’re dining out with your family or friends, it’s absolutely Ok to ask the staff to wrap your leftovers, even if it’s a fancy restaurant. But never ask for leftovers after a business lunch or dinner.
– I guess everyone has burned their mouths on spicy food. Instead of breathing through a wide-open mouth or spitting the food out, take a gulp of cold water or other drink. Works like magic every time!

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  2. I do literally everything, only not the coffee finger thing. I put my fingers like with the tea cup. (No i am not british, I am Dutch)

  3. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or not but there is a particular “group” of people I’ve experienced who rather reach over you, around you, across your personal space and NEVER SAY EXCUSE ME!!!!

  4. ???????????????????????? very very right about the toothpick , I had to correct quite a few people about same , nastily disgusting ????

  5. To answer your question, what annoys me most is self appointed royalty who narcistically believe they are the authority on how to hold my cup and where my elbows should be at any given moment.

  6. But you might not know your trousers are unzipped. Someone needs to tell you e.g. "the gate is open but the lion is asleep".

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