14 Simple Tricks to Survive Any Extreme Situation

No matter who you are, deep inside we all once wanted to be adventurers. C’mon, admit it! Yet the world is a dangerous place, and they won’t teach you in school how to survive in extreme situations. Well, today, you finally have this list of survival tips and nothing can stop you.

You’re about to know how to avoid frostbite, how to find North quickly using a magnet, a needle, foam, and a glass of water, how to filter dirty water, how to make fire with a battery and a gum, and much more!

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How to not get struck by lightning? 0:24
How to avoid frostbite? 0:56
How to find North quickly? 1:26
How to scare away insects? 1:50
How to find water in the wilderness? 2:29
How to filter dirty water? 2:57
How to make fire with steel wool? 3:25
How to make fire with a battery and a gum? 4:01
How to make a room heater with a clay pot? 4:37
How to make candles? 5:10
How to escape handcuffs? 5:40
How to shake off a rope around your wrists? 6:16
How to survive a shark attack? 6:49
How to survive a bear encounter? 7:23

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– Trees, buildings, and utility poles will act as lightning rods for you, so never stand close to them.
– Even if you’re dressed warmly enough, there are always some parts of your body left exposed to cold weather. A simple can of petroleum jelly will help you with that.
– Magnetize a needle by rubbing it against a magnet, then put two pieces of floaty stuff you have on both sides of a needle. Let it float in the water and it will eventually stop in one direction.
– Garlic, rosemary, mint or thyme – all of these herbs’ smell will scare away all the pesky insects around.
– Tie a scrolled piece of cloth around your leg and go through the high grass in the morning. It will collect dew that you can squeeze out into a bottle.
– You’ll need a 9-volt battery for that. Simply putting both contacts of this battery against a piece of steel wool leads to a small short circuit spark that spreads right away.
– Turn the clay pot upside down and place it on top of the rod so that it hangs in the air. Place some candles around the rod and light them up. The heat from candles will get trapped under the pot.
– You can use any source of natural fat instead of wax, and you can use a simple paper tissue or toilet paper to make a wick.
– Put the end of the wire into the keyhole and bend it at a right angle, then pull it out a bit and bend in the other direction. Then stick it into the very edge of the keyhole following all the bends.
– If you spotted a shark in the water, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to attack. If it passes by in the distance in a straight line, you have all the chances to calmly get away to the beach.
– Move slowly and always leave an escape route for the bear. Try to make yourself look bigger than you are – spread your coat wide, stand on your tiptoes, but don’t be aggressive.

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  1. You're giving a tip for criminals how to escape from handcuffs ???? oh dear how after watching this, they might train theirselves to use a paperclip to uncuff themselves when they're in trouble ????????????

  2. Most of your tips and tricks are unrealistic and impractical. Where will you bring steel wool and 9v battery in the wild? Where will you find those herbs in the wild? How do handcuffs trap you in the wild? And most of the time, if you remove a handcuff, you'll only get something smaller. A bullet. In your head. Or your bu… Well, you understand.

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