How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17

Suurreee…just get some glue and some sand and you can totally make this!
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27 Replies to “How-To Make a Sand Bowl – Man Vs. Pin #17”

  1. May your newfound love of art and painting bring you joy and peace, rob. I’m thinking about you today. Hope your health is holding up.

  2. That was hilarious. I'm trying to find a way to make a zen sand garden but as wall art. I think epoxy will be needed…but there are polymers people mix with sand to pour between paving stones. Idk. That might work. Plus Elmer's is water-soluble…and would keep it flexible. Once you attempted to wash out your popcorn dust…youd have a sticky pile of sand left over. AVP glue maybe? I have some experimenting to do.

  3. another idea, let her drip till it looks good then bury it in the sand so nothing can move, then in a few days of doing nothing dig it up like a dead ex-wife exhumation and Wola presto bammo, you have a perfect bowl that defied gravity and even bonded a little extra sand on the outside.

  4. At least you tried your best I still like it and I think you're a amazing at DIYs and I know you're awesome at making bowls

  5. I must be a genius because I made a sand sculpture with Elmer's glue when I was 8 years old in third grade lolol

  6. I liked the lacey look of a couple of the bowls but they were just too fragile.
    How about doing a glue test using various brands and types of glues to find out what they do and don't work with.
    For the sand bowl:
    Try placing the sand into the inside of a slightly larger bowl then push a smaller bowl into the sand/glue mixture to shape it and hold it in place as it dries.
    FYI, Elmer's is the absolute last glue I'd use for this project unless something else is going to seal and protect it..

  7. The reaction when he came back and it looked like shit was hilarious. "What the fuck is that" so funny the way you said that Rob.

  8. ????????‍♀️

    This is CorinnA , the cheap version of Corinne . How many likes can CorinnA get ?

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