What Happens to Luggage When Nobody Takes It

Sometimes it feels like a race. You make it to the airport of your destination, but your check-in baggage doesn’t. So what if there’s a lonely suitcase spinning on the baggage carousel even after all the travelers have left the airport?

However sad it may sound, each unclaimed bag has a person it belongs to. And right now, this poor owner is most likely at another airport, complaining about their luggage getting lost on the way. And the abandoned bag you see on the carousel has either been diverted to the wrong plane, or lost altogether due to some confusion. So let’s figure out what happens to it!

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How airport employees look for the lost luggage owners 1:01
Where the lost suitcase goes 1:50
Charity and auctions? Really? 2:11
Luggage Tetris 3:04
Why you should buy a four-wheeled suitcase 3:45
Your bag can become “foreign object debris” 4:37
What irritates baggage handlers the most 6:02
How your baggage can get hurt 8:04

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– When it becomes obvious that no one is going to claim a bag, the airline tries to find out who it belongs to. In most cases, all they need to do is to look at the bag tag.
– But let’s say there’s no identifying information on the suitcase. In this case, the airline keeps the bag at the terminal where it arrived, and waits for about 5 days for the owner to claim it.
– Each air carrier has a central warehouse, and that’s exactly where the lost suitcase goes. It stays there for around 2 more months.
– The bag and everything inside could be donated to charity.
– The airline company holds an auction. In this case, large companies (which are the main buyers at such auctions) buy tons of unclaimed baggage.
– Every minute of delay costs an airline company hundreds of dollars. That’s why, before reaching the conveyer belt, your bag may be repeatedly thrown around for up to 60 ft.
– On top of that, baggage handlers usually pack suitcases as if playing a game of Tetris. They squeeze bags of different sizes and shapes together so that they form a solid wall of baggage.
– Airport staff tends to treat two-wheeled suitcases worse than four-wheeled ones.
– When talking about baggage, most people tend to forget about things which aren’t actual bags, such as strollers, car seats, and the like.
– Only a few bags come with their own luggage tags; in most cases, people have to buy additional tags so that their luggage can be identified should it get lost.
– Airport staff has such limited time to get bags loaded and unloaded that they pay little to no attention to brands or how expensive a suitcase is.
– If you’re in the habit of overpacking your suitcase, making it extremely heavy, keep in mind that heavier bags are usually placed at the very bottom when they’re loaded on the plane.
– One of the most irritating things for a baggage handler is numerous luggage tags on a bag or suitcase.
– Children’s luggage is by no means handled with more care than that of adults’.

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  1. I once forgot my iPad on a plane, yes, I know don’t question it, but after a week I got it mailed back to my house 🙂

  2. So i lost my bag at the airport and it went 5 days so wherehouse 2 months i relised it was gone i rsn down there and gof it

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