15 Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More

Remember that time you ate out and went well beyond your planned budget? Does that happen way too often? It’s no surprise since restaurants use smart tricks to make you spend more money. You can, of course, check your bills for dishes you didn’t order, but this trick isn’t really used anymore. Bright Side found out about some tricky ploys the catering world uses in order to save money on dishes and make patrons spend more.

Take, for example, complimentary snacks. Olives, crackers, and chips are not a kind gesture of the owner as you might think. The real reason for such complimentary snacks is to make you feel thirsty. After eating several of those salty snacks, you’ll want to order more drinks, bringing a bigger profit to the owner of the café.

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Saving money on expensive products 2:49
Unusual names for dishes 3:20
Reduced portions and small plates 4:09
Special buffet arrangements 4:39
Photos of dishes and the absence of currency symbols 5:07
“Fish Monday” 5:40
Free snacks 6:08
The decoy effect 6:35
Specially selected music 7:06
2 portion sizes 7:49
Muffled light 8:39
Friendly waiters 9:01

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– Bartenders often save on fruits, not because they lack these products but from simple laziness.
– Almost all restaurants are interested in having as many cozy and secluded spots for their patrons as possible. You are likely to spend more time at a comfortable table — which means that you’ll order more.
– Clients choose dishes located in the middle of the menu page more often. That’s why the owners of catering businesses indicate expensive, more profitable dishes in this space.
– David Kincheloe, president of the Association of National Restaurant Consultants, says that patrons most often get the minimum amount of expensive ingredients in their dishes, but their presence is still indicated on the menu.
– Playing with dish names also works well on diners. Marketers spend a good deal of time inventing names and descriptions for the dishes on a menu.
– Those who work in the catering sphere say that the idea of reducing portions came from retail. For example, you often see packages of 1.75 lb instead of 2 lb.
– According to restaurant menu specialist Gregg Rapp, using photos and illustrations of dishes increases sales by 3 times when it’s the only image on a page.
– Most restaurants order fresh fish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s why fish very often becomes the dish of the day on Mondays — because they need to sell it before it expires.
– When you look at the wine card, you’ll most likely skip the most expensive wine. However, you won’t go for the cheapest either so as not to look cheap.
– Expensive restaurants choose classical music, which encourages visitors to spend more because it makes them feel richer.
– Lighting can influence the speed at which people eat. Expensive restaurants usually prefer soft lighting in their halls so that their visitors can relax.
– Thanks to friendly employees, visitors spend more time in restaurants and leave good tips.

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  1. Up-mood background sounds are most exciting in the restaurant. Even the sounds outside of the restaurant enough encourages many people to go in!

  2. Bright side RED LOSTER, serves as much biscuits as you want, so you will eat less all you can eat shrimp.

  3. We went to hotel we were three people we ordered chicken

    We got 8 small chiken piece's eack in two sewer's

    : /

  4. One trick is when you order pop/soda they give you more ice than pop/soda and to combat that trick order ice on the side and you will see a difference when you pour the pop into the ice glass and after that you will never go back to just ordering the same way again

  5. There is a restaurant in which we eat often whenever we think of going to our restaurant father always say that lets go to thali in there they give you a plater not dishes and there is a waiter who is now my father's best friend ( yup we go to that restaurant that often) and that waiter is also friendly got there first time we met that waiter and he recommended us the best dish and now whenever we go to that restaurant we don't even look at the menu we just ordered that Dish l think the trick of the friendly waiter is used their

  6. Yes, i have seen that most of the hotels are serving food in small and differently shaped bowls just to showcase that they are serving more quantity.

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