[NY STOCK] Riddles (thumbnail Who's the Robber?)

Riddles are about so much more than just fun. It’s a great workout for your brain and an entertaining way to sharpen your memory. These cunning brain teasers will help evaluate your logical reasoning. Some of them are very simple just to warm up your mind while some may leave you scratching your head. So if you feel like your brain is a little sleepy, it’s time to show it these riddles and put it to work. Pay attention to the details, and don’t forget to count your right answers!



An expensive watch 0:01

Halloween night 1:03

Get a promotion 2:00

A broken vase 2:54

A creepy park 4:05

A photography competition 5:18

An abandoned castle 6:04

A deserted island 6:58

A vegetarian restaurant 7:57

Missing jewelry 8:45

Who is lying? 9:39
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21 Replies to “[NY STOCK] Riddles (thumbnail Who's the Robber?)”

  1. I don’t always agree with the explanations. Sometimes I have an alternate explanation that works just as well as the official one.

  2. I got all correct. You can’t trick me with the Crocodile. I know they can survive 3 years without food, so therefore, the crocodile is hungry and dangerous and surviving.

  3. The first one: I wouldn't trust Susie of she asking the waitress of the watch is okay or if it's broken. That sounds like somebody who wants to sell it. In fact nobody sounds like it's theirs. No "oh thank you I've been looking everywhere for it" or "I can't believe you found it. I was worried sick" was said. I think most people who lost an expensive item would be appreciative getting it back.

  4. And mary drop the watch in the entrance of the restaurant but the girl found it on the floor????

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