16 Riddles Train You to Sniff Out What's Sus

How fast is your brain? Is it lightning fast? How about some training to make it be as fast as it can? Here’s a portion of tricky riddles and brain-teasers to speed up your brain engines and restart your thinking abilities. Act fast, think logically and you can do it!


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25 Replies to “16 Riddles Train You to Sniff Out What's Sus”

  1. Yes, it was easy! Because the country is according to the name.Erica is from america because am Erica and Tina is from argentina because argen Tina and Olivia is from bolivia because its simple, remove the letter “b” from bolivia then you got Olivia!Olivia from bolivia, EASY!

  2. 1: Safe – important takes over all
    2: Your a detective – detectives help police right?
    3: What – i dunno lemme pass
    4: Obvious – the kind boss with a clean office
    5: Pretty – the pretty new shop
    6: Any of them – its just paint
    7: Donk know – where is evidince?
    8: Asia, Africa, Antartica or some country with olivia in it – the other two are both in countrys with A at the beginning and end but the countrys they are in have their name in it
    9: The girl – she is angry at you
    10: The chef or maid – those are beliveable but why would you cut flowers? Sus
    11: The dressing room – theres a dresser and mirror
    12: Slow down – slow down then eventually stop
    13: Strawberrys – theres alot which means people arent taking them because they are old
    14: Footprints – you have footprints in the sand
    15: I dont know – pass
    16: Swamp – its just a swamp

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